Ahhh, Summer…

First of all, Happy Fourth of July to all the USA folks who just got done celebrating it. And Happy (belated) Canada Day to our northern neighbors.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a fairly temperate climate. We get snow in winter…sometimes. We get rain. And we have well-rounded seasons. What we don’t normally get is over 100 degrees in the summer. Last weekend, we hit 110 in places. That’s unheard of around here, and with so many people not having air conditioning, it was brutal.

Hubby and I were lucky. We have air conditioning. Put it in a few years ago when we hit 100 degrees five times in one summer (another very rare occurrence.) So we were able to weather the heat fairly well, though we got a little worried about how hard that A/C unit was working! I sat on deck and did some work in the mornings before the heat got bad, then it was inside for the rest of the day.

This is me, the one time I stepped outside late afternoon. It was 105 degrees and I didn’t stay out there for long. I’d never do well in a torrid climate. Yikes!

On a slightly different subject, I was recently at my grandson’s house visiting. Their backyard is torn up, so we sat in the front yard for an outside visit. It made me realized that I never see people sitting out front anymore. Houses uses to have big porches and people would sit there and visit, greeting folks that walk by. Does that happen anymore? Most of our outdoor entertaining and visiting is done in our back yard. That seems to be the way things are these days. It’s kind of sad, to be so sequestered. I like my neighbors. I just don’t see any of them very often because we’re all in back yards. Lol.

Well, I wish you all a wonderful July, full of sunshine and just enough rain to keep things green. And full of laughter, love, and enough work to make your time off precious.

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6 responses to “Ahhh, Summer…

  1. Like you I don’t do well in the heat and am so thankful for the a/c. But we had a horse show that weekend. I went up but only for a couple of Kennedy’s classes then back home to a cool house.

    It’s funny that I never really thought about sitting on front porches until you mentioned it. During the covid shutdown people here in Jubilee would sit in lawn chairs in front of their open garages and a lot of people took walks and stopped and talked from a safe distance. It was really nice. Met people I hadn’t known.

  2. So it took a pandemic to get neighbors sitting outside where they could wave and chat with people. That’s kind of sad, but at least it’s happening. 🙂 I think we need to learn to be neighbors again.

  3. I heard how hot it’s been there. Glad you had a/c to use! You’d never make it here. Sometimes, I don’t think I will. LOL!!
    And yes, no one sits on their front porches here -I do when there’s been a hurricane and we have no power. LOL! Or in the 5 minutes of fall and spring we have here. But we’re all a/c spoiled here as my husband says. It’s not spoiled, it’s surviving. 🙂

  4. I would totally not make it for long in humidity and heat. I time visiting my sister in Philadelphia VERY carefully. Lol. I hear this year might be a rough hurricane season. I sure hope not!

  5. Hope the heat has dissipated to a comfortable level by now, Laurie. We had a week of excessive heat but our summer has since returned to normal – rain! We have a neighbour opposite us how has taken to sitting outside his front door when the weather is dry. It’s an odd thing to see over here but amazing the number of passers by who stop and chat with him. Can only be a good thing. 🙂

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