Wow! First Horse Show

Kennedy turned four two weeks before the show. It’s hard to believe, time sometimes goes way to fast. The show was in Eugene Oregon, about a four-hour drive from here. 

This was her first class and like I predicted she was happy with the blue ribbons, as were the trainers, until she spotted a pink one. (by the way Pink is for 5th place) Kennedy watched a lady with a pink ribbon walk out of the ring and went over to talk to her. I’m not sure what exactly she said, but the lady assured her that if she didn’t win a pink ribbon by the end of the show, she’d give her one of hers.  Kennedy kept an eye out for the lady, who was stalled just one row over from us until we were ready to leave and then went over to get the pink ribbon.

We left her blues and reds for display but Kennedy took the pink one home with her. 

I love these horse people.  It’s a wonderful place for kids to grow up in. Kennedy’s mom started to show when she was thirteen and we used to say it didn’t take a village to raise her, it took a stable. 

Kennedy and Rio – their first class together

Kennedy and Rio – Driving 

Going home after the show. Hard work for such a little girl.

Next show is this coming weekend. It is only about twenty miles from here. Kennedy is ready!!

8 responses to “Wow! First Horse Show

  1. Oh my gosh she looks totally wiped out! What a fun event for a child. And the pink ribbon story is priceless!

    • She hung in there until we were almost home. A four hour drive and then one minutes she was talking and the next is what you see in the picture. She’s ready for this weekend and is excited about spending the night here.

  2. She is so cute. What a great event for a young child, and I love she wanted the pink ribbon more than her blue.

  3. awww sweet!! My mom’s side of the family are horse people and compete. It’s awesome. I enjoyed watching them but since I didn’t live in their town, I never got to compete myself. One of my uncles broke horses for a living and his kinds were all competitors.

  4. Horses were sooo good for Char, Kennedy’s mom. Time will tell if Kennedy has the same passion.

  5. Cannot believe that gorgeous little baby has turned into a gorgeous 4 year old. Love her efforts to obtain a pink ribbon, bless her. What a fabulous day for her. 🙂

  6. Thank you Kit. Our family was so ready for Kennedy. She keeps us laughing and busy.

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