Running Late

Sorry, I missed my normal day. Real life got in the way. Usually I’m not that bad, but with the new year, my calendar doesn’t have any reminders on it, so now I need to add them in.

The 12th when I normally post was a crazy day. Last week I ordered a new laptop, it arrived and my technical help (niece and nephew) came over to help me set it up. So my morning was taken up with backing up the old computer and figuring out what I needed on the new computer. Then when they arrived it took us 4 hours to get the new computer up and running with everything I needed. I knew there was a reason I delayed buying a new laptop.

I will say I love the new laptop already. It starts up so fast and is lighter than my other computer, plus the battery lasts longer than 20 minutes LOL

Tommy and Trina are growing puppies. They are both now 12 pounds, but still crazy and playful. I really do love that about them. They don’t mind when people come over, they love it. Their dog training is going well, the biggest thing is getting them to do what the training wants them to do.

Tommy pretty much in class lasts for about 30 minutes and then he’s done. He just lays down and chills. Trina is so food motivated, she’s constant trying to find treats.

We’ve had a lot of rain in the month of January. Yes, I know we’re only 14 days in, but we’re already past our normal rain level for the month. Tommy and Trina haven’t been too happy about it. I took this picture while they were standing at the patio door watching a downpour

I keep telling them that it won’t be forever, but I don’t think they believe me.

Until next month, stay safe and be well.

11 responses to “Running Late

  1. What if you tell them “scouts honor”?

  2. My biggest tech challenge seems to be printers. grrrrr. But then I’m still after a couple of years, taking things off the old desk top. It’s so time consuming and boring. Or Laurie’s word, monotonous.

    Love the picture. These are lucky puppies.

  3. Pleased you’re getting on with the new laptop. I hate having to get used to new techie things. Still learning my new lappy after 6 months! (I normally work on a PC). As for those two gorgeous puppies, they are getting more adorable each time I see them. Hope the training going well. My daughter is a dog trainer, she loves it.

  4. A battery that lasts longer than 20 minutes…love it 🙂
    Those puppies are so gorgeous. Glad the training is going well.

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