Looking Forward, Not Back

Another year begins. Thank goodness we could say goodbye to 2020, but the less said about that, the better. It’s a time to look forward, not back, and think about what is to come, make a few plans, list a few goals. One of which, is to publish my next novel in the Filton Shield series plus a self-help book.  We have plans to have a new kitchen fitted; mind you, we’ve been planning to do that for the last 5 years! I seriously intend by the end of this year, the kitchen will be upgraded, the long-needed and yearned for eye-level oven installed. Meanwhile, whilst the weather here in the UK is cold and wet, many parts enduring snow, between bouts of writing and painting, housework and reading, I take daily pleasure in watching the birds in the garden and, more importantly, hunting for signs of Spring. And I’ve found some. Hurrah!

Yes, lurking by the front hedge, the snowdrops are up and in flower, patiently waiting for a sunny day when the white flowerheads can open fully and perform their delicate nodding displays. Mixed in with these I spy the first of the crocus (yes, I know the plural is croci, but to me it’s easier to say and people know what I mean) growing the lawn are up, their long purple flowerbuds holding tight until the sun shines on them. They’re a little late arriving this year; most years this particular variety is in flower as early as New Year’s Day. And looking across the lawn, I can see more and more dark green and white striped sword leaves of later crocus poking through the grass, a promise of a colourful display to come next month.

We missed last February’s crocus flush as we were abroad on holiday, likewise the early daffodils, but they too are growing well, their leaves coming through since December. So too are the hyacinths planted in the shelter of the long hedges. And my ever-faithful hellebores are in flower with more to open up as the weeks move along.

What are starting to come into flower, and rather early, are our wallflowers, the plants surrounding the drive looking exceedingly verdant and healthy. I don’t think I’ve seen wallflowers plants so vigorous. I’m looking forward to them being in full flower as their perfume is wonderful on warm spring days and fill my heart with joy.

To help us through the dark dismal days of winter we grow many flowering plants and bulbs indoors. Hyacinths, whose intoxicating smell fill the house, the bulbs of which when the flower is finished, we plant outside along the hedges to flower year after year. And we have two cactus plants, a white and a red flowered one. I noticed yesterday my white “thanksgiving” cactus is in bud again after dropping its last flowerhead just before Christmas. Along with these we have a lovely red amaryllis. Usually a single-stemmed plant, this year it has outperformed all others by throwing up three flower stems, each with magnificent scarlet flowers.

And, of course, my orchids. It wouldn’t be the same without these exotic but easy to grow plants around the house, these two magnificent specimens sitting on the mantelpiece.

So yes, Spring is definitely on its way here and there is so much to look forward to and am eager to get outside and start the spring tidy but that must wait at least until late of February. Hopefully, if the world has sorted itself out by the autumn we can plan another trip abroad, a lot depends on many factors, but it is something else to look towards, as are visits to garden centres. But what I’m really looking forward to is the sun and summer. To be able to sit in the garden with my morning coffee or evening cocktail, to feel the warmth on my body, see blue sky and smell the roses. It will all come in time. Simple inexpensive pleasures that fill the heart and swell the soul. Bring it on!

What do you look forward to most this year?

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6 responses to “Looking Forward, Not Back

  1. Ahhh, an uplifting post. It’s foggy this morning here but holds a promise of sun later. I know winter has just begun and I’m okay with the season until the New Year. For me it spells spring. I’m looking forward to open windows with fresh air flowing through the house. Like you said, simple pleasures.

    • Yes, I miss not being able to throw the windows open wide. We’re deluged with rain at the moment so I can’t, having to content myself looking through them and seeing more and more spring bulbs coming through. And have noticed the evenings are a little lighter for longer each day now. Hurrah! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful post. It left me with a wide smile on my face and the feeling that a door to something new has opened. So thank you for that. What am I looking forward to? Hugs. That’s my goal by the end of this year. To hug my family again. And being outdoors, even if it’s just to sit and read. Yep…still smiling. 🙂

    • Pleased the post achieved it’s intention. Keeping positive helps us all to keep going through all this doom and gloom going on at present. I love your goal too. And yes, to sit outside and read is something to look forward to. I so miss not being able to hug my daughter and all the family. It feels so unnatural not to. Still, in time we’ll be able to do it all again. Keep on smiling. 🙂

  3. Ah, Kit. What a lovely hopeful blog. Just the ticket for these dull, wet days. Spring is on the way, as evidenced by your garden. I just noticed that a small anemone bud has popped up in one of my containers. Can’t believe it. I think what I look forward to most is some sunshine and warmth, and being able to put the sheets out on the line to dry. And the spring bulbs pushing through, lighter nights, leaving the windows and doors open… such a long list as my favourite season of the year approaches.

    • Spring is almost here. And so much now poking through the soil. I’ve also an anemone plant growing again. Have never been able to keep them before. So much to look forward to. 🙂

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