Bluebell love and holes in the lawn…

I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve lost count of how long we’ve been in lockdown here in the UK and we’re kind of getting used to it. I certainly can’t complain because I’m locked in with my hubby and BFF (one and the same!) and our baby girl (four-pawed). We have plenty to eat, we’re warm and dry with a roof over our heads, and the weather up to now has been absolutely great. I know for some people it’s been and continues to be awful and my heart goes out to them. As Lavada referenced in her post last week: the storm is the same for all of us but the boat and the journey are vastly different.

IMG_20190418_192338_596During April, we usually take a long walk through the bluebell woods. Since, at the moment, we’re only allowed to have a daily walk in our own locale, getting in the car with Vivvy and heading to the woods is off the table. Last year the bluebells were amazing and from what I remember the weather was pretty good too.

But the bluebells in my garden have put up a lovely display this year. I’d completely forgotten that at the end of last season, I dug out some of the plants from where they were starting to overwhelm the small bed, and put them in a pot ready to plant up when I had sorted another space for them. 20200426_143002After putting the pot in a utility corner of the garden I completely forgot about it and look at what happened! Without additional soil or any kind of tending, they turned into the display at the forefront of the photo! Don’t you just love the resilience of nature?

If you look close, you will see the green upturned sieve with a plant pot on top behind the bluebells. That, my friends, is courtesy of a certain little lady who adores digging holes in the lawn. I covered the space over with earth and scattered some grass seeds but, despite a very stern warning, said little lady wanted the particular spot of the lawn returned to its former state, hence the need for the makeshift covering. Wonder how long that will stay in place? 🙂

Bets, anyone?

4 responses to “Bluebell love and holes in the lawn…

  1. The bluebells are lovely! And resilient, as it turns out. And Miss Vivvy looks wonderful, even if she does dig holes. It’s funny that she keeps picking that one spot. I wonder if she buried a bone there? We’re doing okay with the stay-at-home order. Today is day 47 for us. Hanging in there and getting a few projects done. Stay safe, stay healthy!

  2. I’m doing okay with the stay home order too. Except that unlike Laurie I’m not getting much done. I love seeing Vivvy. I remember when you first got her. She has changed you life. Your garden looks great. We had a little dog that lived to dig. We swore she was digging a well. Good thing she was so little (Jack Russel) because there were times when all that was visible was his tail.

    It’s going to take a bit for things to return to the old norm but work is starting back up here albeit with restrictions.

  3. Lovely photos! And I am like you, grateful to be warm, safe and fed. It’s nice to be able to shelter with those you love, isn’t it? Looks like you’re having a happy spring. Jillian

  4. Lovely. You know me and my love bluebells. And what a marvellous idea of growing them in a pot so they don’t overwhelm the garden. Now, why didn’t I think of that!

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