Happy Holiday’s and Happy New Year

It will be the new year before I talk here again, so Happy New Year everyone.

The year has gone really fast, I was busy with writing, but also with family. I can’t believe how fast the great nieces and nephews are growing up.

Our Pacific Northwest weather has not disappointed this winter. It turned super cold for over a week I was getting up to 19 degrees and it was barely making it to 45 degrees during the day.  The sun was out but cold. Poor Miss Penny would go outside and stand in the sun, then come inside and snuggle in bed. Her little paws frozen.

Now the rain has started once again, it has helped warm it up a bit. The mountains are getting snow which is good.

Later this month I’ll start my planning for 2019, planning out what books I’m going to write, what conferences I’ll be going to, things like that. It help me to have a plan in place before I got into the year. Does the plan always work? No, it’s a flexible plan, but it helps me stay on track for most of the year.

As usual here are pictures of Miss Penny who really needs to be groomed. She’s going to the groomer on Thursday. I had to time it just right.

This is her poised on the side of her bed watching me:


And this was from one of those cold days where she stayed bundled up in her bed


Everyone have a great holiday season and see you next year.


5 responses to “Happy Holiday’s and Happy New Year

  1. Miss Penny is your own personal barometer, isn’t she? Snuggled = Baby, it’s cold outside. 🙂 I’m a planner like you, Marie. So yep, getting ready to map out another year. Let’s hope it’s another good one, eh? Happy holidays!

  2. We missed a week of cold. In the 70’s in Arizona and the pool was in the 90’s. But, even with the neighborhood decorated it didn’t seem like Christmas. They did have an outside ice rink and fake snow at the Event center so that helps.

    Happy Holidays

  3. Season’s Greetings to you and Miss Penny. Wet and damp in UK.

  4. Penny is SO adorable! Good luck with the 2019 goal setting and planning, and every good wish for a really great year to come 🙂

  5. The plan sounds good, Marie. Good luck with it. Wishing you and Miss Penny a Happy New Year and every snuggle of happiness and success in 2019. Weather’s been mild here but snow is threatening to come soon. 🙂

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