For the first time in several years, my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house. It was small by our family’s standards, with eight people total. However, we all fit at the table and I didn’t have to rearrange the entire house to find a room that would fit a larger table. (We do not have open concept at our house.) And I cooked the turkey in a parchment bag this year. It turned out great, though it cooked a LOT faster than I expected. It was ready two hours before we planned to eat. Oh, well. Still tasted great. And I got my fill of pumpkin pie with real whipping cream. Yummy! (I’m also good for another year now.)

Now, for us, it’s on to Christmas. One of the things I enjoy doing is setting up our Christmas village. I probably talk about this every year, don’t I? Since I set it up the first part of December and that’s when my blog date is, I guess that makes sense.

This village has morphed a lot over the years. It used to be a small set up on our buffet. Then it got too big for its britches, and my husband had to add a board to give me more room. Okay, that might actually be because I kept buying stuff. Lol. The pic below is our proud granddaughter the year she set up the village.


A few years ago, we married my village with my husband’s train set. Nothing is to scale, but I love it. It’s like visiting with a dear friend when I unpack it each year. And the grandkids love watching the train go round and round.

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From our household to yours, I hope you all have a safe and happy season. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it’s full of wonderful memories. If you celebrate another holiday or not at all, my wish for you is the same…wonderful memories to warm you on the cold winter nights approaching.

Happy, happy holidays!

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8 responses to “Holidays…

  1. Just got home from Arizona and catching up. I love the village with the train. Even putting up the same ornaments on the tree has me notalgia. Memories are what’s it’s all about and with the wonderful family you have, you have bundles of them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. What a great idea, your own Christmas Village. I agree about memories and nostalgia, might be because I am getting older!

    • I watched a movie last night where they talked about how it’s okay to start new traditions. i love that concept, but there’s a few older ones I’ll be keeping for a long, long time, I hope. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  3. That’s an amazing Christmas village, Laurie. What a fab idea. Hope you had a great time and wishing you an amazing 2019 filled with wonderful things.

  4. Loving the village and train. Reminds me so much of the tableaux we used to see in the toy shops and in Germany. Magical. Such a lovely tradition. It’s all part of what makes this time of year special with families. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and sending good wishes for health, happiness and success in 2019. 🙂

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