Smarty Pants

20180619_090513Smarty Pants … the new nickname AJ awarded Ms. Vivvy after she passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen’s Gold Award last week. She is incredibly pleased with herself, and I swear she knows that she’s done something of note, LOL.

It was quite a gruelling assessment (if not for the dogs, it was for the owners – phew!). We started at 10am and completed at around 11.45am. The tasks included: walking to heel along a busy road and not getting distracted by cars, people, noise and other dogs; A free run on the field where they had to come to an emergency stop when told (Vivvy was brilliant, and stopped immediately even when a swift decided to swoop down across her eye line at precisely the moment I shouted ‘stop’); and to retrieve a toy and bring it back to the owner. It also included being handled by someone unknown to the dog, leaving a bowl of food until given permission (which she’s been trained to do since puppyhood), and weaving in an out of bollards while staying close to heel.

There was also a two minute stay, thirty seconds of which required the owners to go out of sight of their dogs – something we’ve been working on for a while with little success, because usually as soon as I go out of sight she comes to find me, LOL. But bless her, she didn’t move an inch on the day.

Bronze Assessment Nov 15So, our golden girl now has the hat-trick: Bronze, Silver and Gold. We’re very proud of her.20160726_175911

Where to now? Well, we’ve been thinking about applying for her to become a P.A.T dog (Pets as Therapy). When my late aunt was in a care home, we took Vivvy and she was absolutely amazing. Lots of the residents wanted to make a fuss of her and she absolutely loved it. She was very calm and it was lovely watching her bring a smile to people’s faces. There is also the opportunity to work with children who have problems reading. It’s been discovered that when children read to dogs their confidence and reading ability greatly improves. So there’s much to think about and many options open to explore.

Whatever she does next, we know she’ll be a little star. We couldn’t be more proud of our Golden Girl.


Taking a well earned rest!

10 responses to “Smarty Pants

  1. Well done beautiful girl, gorgeous and clever. I’ve heard a lot about both schemes you mentioned. Definitely worth investigating further. Enjoy the break. X

  2. Ahhh, Miss Vivvy did an amazing job! Thanks for telling us what she did to get her diploma. That was a lot of work and you should be rightfully proud. 🙂 I was talking to a young woman last night who works at a special needs preschool. They have therapy dogs come in a couple times a week and she says it still amazes her how those kids react, with smiles and calmness. It makes her cry every time. And I bet Miss Vivvy would excel at that, too! Congratulations to all of you!

  3. What a Love. And, so beautiful I love the pictures and the last one with her asleep is just the right ending to the blog. We went to dog shows and love the obedient classes. It always amazes me what the dogs can do and just think at one time they tried to sell us on that dogs didn’t understand our words. Ha, didn’t buy it back then and for sure don’t now.

    Thanks for a great start to my morning. Vivvy is a Star.

  4. Awww, bless her. Justifiable proud, all three of you. Well done, Miss Vivvy. Shall have to give you an extra special cuddle next time I see you for doing so well. x

  5. Way to go, Vivvy! Superstar!!! Jillian

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