Snap Happy

Untitled design(5)I’ve just taken up a new hobby – photography. Well, it’s not technically new since I’ve had an interest for many years, but lately I’ve been doing more of it and find it increasingly enjoyable.

Creatively, writing has become all consuming, so I wanted something I could pick up and put down as a kind of switch-off from the head-pounding that comes from battling with plot holes and building character arcs. Photography fills that role and takes me out of my head and into the lens, so to speak.

In the past, whenever I took on something new or got enthused about it, I headed straight for the how-to books, or the search engines, and threw myself in at the deep end in an effort to learn everything possible about it. But not this time. I want to learn organically. So, no books, no courses, no internet searches (well, maybe the odd one). It’ll just be me and the camera. Learning together.

20170820_113332Doors and gates have always fascinated me. They beg the question ‘what’s behind there?’ and off goes my imagination (yes, the writer is never far away). Playing around with visual effects is fun, too. This gate from a neighboring village, found while out on a walk with Vivvy, is pretty romantic, but change the hue and tone and it becomes almost spooky. Two potential stories in the offing for the price of one snap. That’s not a bad investment of time and effort.2018-03-27 15.58.00

Of course, if I’m ever in any need of visual inspiration there’s my stalwart companion and favorite photographic subject always ready and willing to oblige. Especially if there’s a treat in her immediate future. 20180326_174036

10 responses to “Snap Happy

  1. WONDERFUL. I tried photography years back. We got a high end camera that wasn’t a point and shoot. I’ve found that in most cases if you have a creative spirit it manifests itself in more than one way. Have fun and don’t forget to share the photo’s. Love the gate one and of course Vivvy.

    • I’m a great fan of the point and shoot camera 🙂 And yes, a creative spirit does show itself in a variety of ways, plus it has to be good to try out new things from time to time and experiment.

  2. The absolute best way to learn photography is what you’re doing. Play, play, play and check out all the features. I love how-to books, too but – especially now that it’s all digital- it’s so much fun to experiment. Enjoy! I need to get back into it with my big SLR. Thanks for the nudge. Jillian

  3. I love this idea Trish. As I said in previous comment I think it will inspire you in different ways. Trust your instinct. x

  4. Wow, what a different in those two gate pictures. You’re right. From romance to sinister. And what a cool diversion from the “day job” of writing. It seems like the best type of diversion, too, because it’s completely different. Visual vs. imagination. You obviously have a talent for it, so I’ll be hoping to see more of your pictures. (And a hello to Miss Vivvy, who is looking especially regal. ) 🙂

    • Ms. Vivvy says thank you for the compliment, Laurie 🙂 Sometimes it’s good to have a diversion that gets us out of our heads for a while, eh? I’m sure everyone here at the ‘fence’ will agree.

  5. Way to go, girl! So pleased you’ve found an interesting hobby to take you away from the writing desk. And so looking forward to seeing more of your photos. That door certainly takes on a new meaning in B&W. I see a haunting story behind it! 🙂

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