Rain, Rain, Go Away…

At last April is here. Spring! Except here, spring is rather slow to get going, thanks to all the rain and wind and snow. Even this past weekend, Easter (I hope you all had an enjoyable one), parts of the UK experienced a white Easter, though not for the first time. Here where I am in the West Country, we didn’t have snow but it rained like it was never going to stop. Which means… what I had hoped to enthral you all with on this post hasn’t happened.

Yes, I’m talking about the garden revamp. It has been such a horrible winter, far too cold and wet for either of us to do anything out there apart from pruning my buddleia and a fuchsia and pottering in the new greenhouse bringing on new seedlings and plug plants. The ground is so sodden and heavy it’s going to take a lot of drying out before we can even contemplate putting a fork or spade in. So far this spring we only been able to enjoy a morning cup of coffee out there once. Usually by now I’m out there every morning having my early morning cuppa. Thus, apart from cursing the weather, it’s been a month of more planning and ideas and thoughts as to what we intend to do both outside and indoors. We keep putting off the dreaded downstairs makeover, at least until such time as the garden is good and the central heating can be switched off.

Last week saw my mother’s 92nd birthday, so a jolly family get together to celebrate ensued, with my brother coming over from Spain for a few days’. It was a small gathering this year, just Mum, us for children and husbands. It’s so good for us all to be together sharing a lot of laughs and memories along with the chocolate birthday cake. I do wish we could get together more often.

I do want to share with you is the latest update on my great nephew, little George, only he’s not so little any more. Following major hip surgery two years ago, you may recall he needed further intervention late last year as bone on one side of his hip/leg hadn’t fused properly, causing him pain and a reluctance to walk or do his exercises. I’m pleased to report the second surgery went far better than expected. All the metal inserted on the right-hand side has been removed and a small plate inserted on the left side to encourage the last bit to mend. Now there’s no stopping him. He asks to walk himself most of the time, using his walker instead of the wheelchair, becoming more and more independent, although he’ll never be totally and will always need the walker. And he’s just as mischievous and cheeky as ever!

Later this month he’s off to Florida, one of eight lucky children, for a 2-week vacation to Disney World thanks to a local charity that has been doing this sort of thing for disabled youngsters for 25 years. He is going to have one amazing trip.

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12 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away…

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  2. It was wonderful seeing the picture of George. He is an inspiration for courage. I remember when we first met him.

    It’s been the same weather wise here. I had the yard done yesterday for spring and the sun was out but cold. I’m not going to plant anything in the planters until the first of May. This way I won’t need to arrange for someone to water them.

    We may skip spring but summer is bound to get here and we’ll see you’re wonderful garden bloom.

    • George has such determination he really is inspiration. Just shows what can be achieved when one sets one’s mind to do something. And full credit to the surgeons, physios and his parents for helping him make take these huge steps forward. The sun is shining today so have at least managed a few hours out there with the spade and fork, but boy, the soil is so heavy to turn. Still, it is good exercise and hopefully will all be worth the effort. 🙂

  3. Yay for progress for young George. I know you like to see him getting around better and with less pain. So sorry about the soggy spring. Hoping it’ll dry out soon so you can get your hands in the dirt and plant your lovely garden. Maybe we can see it in May! Stay dry and warm! Jillian

  4. It’s so good to hear George is thriving and the last surgery went so well. Yay! And I’ll be hoping you get your cuppa in the garden very, very soon! Spring has to arrive eventually…I hope!

    • Think Spring has finally arrived here today – warm sun and no wind or rain. But two hours digging and turning soil is enough for me today, so I have sneaked in for a break and catch up. 🙂

  5. Wonderful news on George. What a great young man.

  6. Belated 92nd birthday wishes to your mum wonderful achievement. Glad family celebrated with her in style. George looks a cheeky little fellow and brave. He will have an amazing time in Florida well deserved treat. Shame about the garden but fingers crossed weather improves soon. We are having block paving done by a fit young man so look forward to testing it with a sit in evening sun with a glass of wine soon!

  7. How lovely to see that photo of George. Yes, he’s not so little anymore and it’s great to hear he’s doing so well. He’s an inspiration. Weather raining as I type this, so not much improvement yet.

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