Happy July – life in the Tuhart household

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July.

Right before the 4th we had a heat wave, they called it a heat bubble. A lot of us in the Pacific Northwest are not use to the kind of heat we got. Three days of 100 or above temps. My poor little portable air conditioner barely kept up. No one in the household was happy. We slept in the family room with the patio door open and fans going full at night. But it was still hot.

Tommy and Trina while not happy were still normal puppies. They like running outside, Tommy would run around until his tongue was almost dragging the ground before he’d come in. Trina was like within a few minutes she wanted back in.

They other funny thing is Tommy. I put ice in their water bowl and Tommy would look at the bowl, back up and start barking at it. He didn’t understand what the ice was. He finally got brave enough to stick his nose in it and realized it was okay. He’s a funny little pup.

I barely survived the heat wave. I pretty much just sat on the sofa and watched TV. Even reading a book was too much in the heat. Now we’re back to our normal summer pattern, 70’s to mid 80’s. Much better. And we’re cooling off at night that really helps.

Here’s Tommy and Trina napping after being outside in the heat:

A you can see Trina is all lady like.

Tommy is a typical boy, all spread out.

I’ve been busy with my writing. I have a new book in my Wicked Sanctuary series coming out on Friday 7/26 and book #5 is now with my editor, and I’m starting to write book #6. So I’m keeping super busy.

Everyone have a great month.


7 responses to “Happy July – life in the Tuhart household

  1. Ahhh, those puppies are so stinking adorable! And I love how “all boy” Tommy is. Congrats on this month’s new release! And I, like you, am glad that heat wave is over, and that you survived it.

  2. Congratulations on the new release. Having two little ones seems to be working out well for you and them.

  3. Glad your temps have settled down and man, I sure wish I was napping like your little critters. They look so comfy and happy. Happy July to you all. Jillian

  4. Pleased temperatures are down now. That is the trouble with heat, makes you want to do nothing but sleep. We had a week of excessive heat here in UK but our summer has returned to normal – rain and high winds. Garden loves it. I don’t. 🙂

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