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A Time for…Projects!

Okay, these are strange times, aren’t they? I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

Here in the UK, the weather this week has been a great help – sunny, sometimes warm, and it feels very springlike. So we’ve been making the most of it with coffee-breaks in the garden, followed by a bit of weeding and pottering, and even sitting and catching up with some reading.

20200324_120656Of course, Vivvy loves having us around all the time, and she’s enjoying walks with both of us rather than just mostly AJ. Like her mum, she’s a summer baby and is never happier than lounging in the sun. She loves the water, too, and can find a stream or muddy puddle at a thousand paces. Strangely, she won’t go near the little paddling pool we bought for her and eyes it like it’s going to pounce and attack her. It’s so funny watching her circumnavigate the offending pool with a beady eye and at a very safe distance.

IMG-20200324-WA0000I thought this cartoon was so appropriate for these times, especially since AJ is incredibly gregarious and when he says he’s taking Vivvy for a walk and will only be an hour or so, I know to basically double it because he’ll find someone to talk to along the way.

Like most people, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I’d like to accomplish during quarantine and here’s a list of some of the projects I have in mind:

  1. Redesign and re-plant one area of the garden
  2. Clear out wardrobes and cupboards
  3. Declutter the garage
  4. Take an online writing course I’ve been wanting to do for ages
  5. Finish writing a new romance series that has been on the backburner for way too long

I’m sure they’ll be a few more things to add, but that’s basically what I’d like to accomplish.

So, over to you. What are you planning to do during this period? What projects are you going to undertake/finish?

Maybe, when this is over, we can all share how much we’ve achieved 🙂

Stay safe everyone. Sending huge cyber hugs…

Happy April

I’m ridiculously happy that it’s April. Why, you may ask? Because that conference I was in charge of is OVER!!! It was a great success and I’m glad of that, but it was also quite stressful. I didn’t really realize how much relief I’d feel when it was done. I never, never, never want to go through it again. To quote Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” There were some lovely things that happened that weekend and there were some ugly things that happened as well. I think the good outweighed the bad and I learned some things that I really needed to know. I’m very, very glad it’s in the past. I’m moving past the heartache from some of the events and moving forward toward some goals I set while there.

I hope everyone has a wonderful spring going on. So far, mine is fine. I’ve even had less allergies this time around which is super nice. My dental hygienist told me a trick a couple of years ago and it really works. She said to get local made honey and take two tablespoons a day. She puts her on a bagel, I take mine straight. LOL – I’m amazed how well it works. It’s kind of like an inoculation as the honey is made from the same pollens that cause the allergies. I recommend trying it. Make sure you get honey made locally, not the grocery store stuff. Let me know how it works for you.