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I’m A Junkie

Yes, it’s true. I am a junkie – quiz junkie, that is. I love completing quizwords (not crosswords as they’re usually cryptic, which isn’t my thing), and watching serious “quiz” shows on TV such as Mastermind. I have one of those brains that retains useless facts and  knowledge, even if I can’t always remember what day of the week it is or what I did yesterday. This knowledge hasn’t done much for me other than being able to answer many questions on University Challenge, a favourite in our house, and one I’ve watched since it first began way back in 1962 when Bamber Gascoigne was question master. As long as it’s not on politics or sport or mathematics – not my best subjects – I often surprise Dave that I know the answers, especially to obscure questions such as nuclear physics or chemistry, but quite accepts I know a lot about literature and art; I can thank my brilliant school education for that. Physics was my favourite subject at school, which he finds hard to believe.

Years back, we both competed regularly in a weekly charity quiz for the Meningitis Trust. I also took part for a number of years in a local quiz league, at one point being league secretary for the South West Region for a couple of years, and also helped set questions for national quiz leagues through the University of Southampton.


Yes, I’m there, right in the middle wearing the white dress.

My all time favourite quiz programme was Fifteen-to-One, and back in the early 1990s I took the plunge and applied to take part in the third series and passed the audition. It was a fabulous day, complete with a make-over, and although I didn’t win (I never expected to, knowing nerves would get the better of me, which they always do, and did) being able to see how a quiz programme is put together and recorded, and being inside a TV studio was fascinating and excellent for research purposes.

So, if you’re ever short of numbers for a quiz or need a player for a game of Trivial Pursuit (does anyone even still play that board game?) I’m your man… well, okay, woman. As my sisters love to remind me: I have all the brains in the family whilst they have all the beauty.  Hmmm, not so sure I agree with that statement…

True Blood

Do any of you watch True Blood? I don’t but since we got a free HBO weekend and one of my friends is absolutely obsessed with it, I decided to give it try. I watched one episode about two years ago and thought it was silly but I decided to give it another go since it was the season premiere this weekend.

I also read book one of the series way back when it came out and didn’t really care for it but I’ve been assured by people who watch the show that it’s not the same as the books.

I’m here to tell you that I don’t care for it. It’s a bit too cheesy for me and is also a little too weird. Now, I’m a fan of weird vampires- after all, I was a die hard Dark Shadows fan as a kid but for some reason, I can’t get into this show. I guess that’s good since I don’t want to add HBO to my already too expensive satellite bill. LOL

How about you all? Can any of you explain the appeal to me? I really would like to “get” it. Help?

I Have A Dream by Valerie J. Patterson

When you were a little kid, what did you dream you would be when you finally grew up?  Every child has big dreams.  Fireman.  Astronaut.  Beauty Queen.  Doctor.  Race car driver.  Super hero.  As we grow and our world widens and our interests change and expand, our dreams also change and expand, and then become more realistic as we approach high school and then university.

For me, I had three dreams that stayed with me my entire childhood.  I wanted to be an actress, a writer, and I wanted to be an ace reporter for my local newspaper, The Daily News.  For as long as I can remember, these dreams were with me.

My grandma’s back yard was my very first stage.  She had this amazing copse of Blue Spruce pine trees at the rear of her property.  I used to slip between the branches and enter the inner circle.  It was beautiful inside that circle of pine.  The floor was blanketed with pine needles and the huge, aged boughs shielded me from view and provided what I thought was an incredible background.  That inner circle was also a great acoustical environment (or so I thought).  I loved to sing while I was inside those Blue Spruce boughs.  I would host my very own variety show right there in the inner circle.

I was in the school plays and musicals.  In college, I was part of the drama fraternity, and an actress with the college players.  After getting married, I joined the local theatre troupe and for several years people bought tickets to see me perform on stage.  People.  Not just family, but strangers, too.  What a rush!  It was enough for me.  I didn’t have to hitch a ride to Hollywood and wait tables until my big break came along.

One dream realized.

Still, every once in a while I want to stand atop a table in a restaurant and break out in song, but the fear of food being chucked at me prevents this from happening!

I am a writer.  I love to create characters, settings, and write dialogue.  I enjoy the task of constructing a tightly woven mystery for my heroine to solve.  I love sinking my teeth into research for a new book.  I thrive on reviews of my work.  I greatly enjoy being invited to be a guest speaker and the opportunity to tell others about my work and how I got to the place where I am in my writing career.  And, I admit, I really enjoy the pleasure I feel when someone asks me to autograph a book for them.  It’s even better when it’s my book they ask me to autograph!  (sorry, couldn’t resist that wee little joke)

Two dreams realized.

After getting married, I relocated to another part of the state of Pennsylvania and left behind the biggest of my three dreams.  That dream of being an ace reporter for the Daily News.  I used to daydream about pounding the pavement to get a quote for a story.  Hunting down the underdog for a feel-good feature.  Doing tons of research for that big story that would crack a case wide open in an award-winning investigative piece.  Meeting deadlines.  Editing my work to fit a column width.  Flashing my credentials to get into places.  Being a valued member of The Press!

Why I never pursued a career with any other newspaper is beyond me.  I guess life moved forward and I moved with it.  I began a career in finance that took over my life for eleven years and, by the time I left it, it seemed too late to go back to my dream.  I was long past the day of my college graduation.  I was no longer a freshly scrubbed face seeking her first job.  I pursued other avenues.  But the dream never left me.  It never changed.  It just remained unfulfilled.

There’s a new reality TV show called The Moment where people are given the chance of a lifetime to capture the biggest moment in their lives by fulfilling their dream career that life interrupted.  I am not a fan of reality TV.  However, the premise is an interesting one, isn’t it?

If someone came to you and handed you the opportunity to make your one big dream come true, would you take it?  I would.  I would want to know if I had what it took to be that reporter or if the diverted path I chose was my dream life after all.

But then…I think, maybe I don’t want to know.  Maybe it’s best left a dream unrealized instead of a dream shattered.

What about you?  What’s your dream?  Don’t be shy…share!

Until next time…


The title of this post is a Twitter hashtag referring to the Royal Wedding. While I offer apologies to anyone who is a) sick of hearing about it or b) not in the least bit interested, as a Brit I can’t let today’s blog post go without a reference to it, can I?

Watching the build up on TV (despite protestations to my hubby that I would only watch the actual ceremony – ha!) I’ve learned some interesting facts about the occasion. For instance, did you know that it’s not actually a State occasion? This is because William is not the heir apparent, so most of the processional will take place after the ceremony. Following their marriage they will be given the title Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – no “princess” in Kate’s title for the same reason.

The weeks prior to the occasion have been remarkably low key, with none of the build up of Charles and Diana’s wedding. This is as it should be, of course, given the current economic climate. I took my mum and aunt on a car journey last weekend and we kept a look out for houses, pubs, hotels, etc. displaying decorations celebrating the upcoming nuptials. We found none. It’s a different matter this morning, almost like Britain has been bedecked overnight. Flags are flying, street parties have sprung up (hundreds of them all over the country), houses decorated, and it’s estimated that 2 billion people will watch the ceremony.

Oh, as I type this post I’m watching the guests arrive at Westminster Abbey – they have to sit there for almost two hours before the ceremony starts! My hubby is wondering about practicalities, like cloakroom arrangements. Bless.

Oh, and here come the Beckhams … crikey, I just saw Victora smile. Now that’s cause for celebration.



I had a Christmas blog written but with the final episode of Survivor airing on Sunday I decided to follow up on the blog Laurie did on September 13, just before the first episode of Survivor. It was fun to re-read her blog. You can find it easily by clicking on the Entertainment Category.

This season they divided the initial two teams by age. A younger one and an older one. Like Laurie said, it didn’t seem fair. And, early on the older team voted Jimmy Johnson off. They seemed doomed and as a team probably were, but this Wednesday the final six squared off with three from the older team and three from the younger team.

Jane one of the older women was voted off so it’s 3 to 2 going into the final. Not bad. Certainly not one sided like a lot of us thought it would be.

Remember when Laurie posted the first show hadn’t aired and true to her prediction her favorite didn’t last long. Have to say the guy’s eyes had me too. Heyyy what can I say, all we had to go on was looks at that point.

Again like Laurie I get frustrated and sometimes downright disgusted and swear I’m not watching another reality show and this one was no exception. There’s usually a real baddy, everyone hates him or her at the end, but not so much this year. However I thought this was one of the more down and dirty shows they’ve produced. Holly (who is still in the running) started it off when she drowned Dan’s $1,400 shoes. Anyway that’s what Jane said they cost on Wednesday’s show. So who in their right mind would wear these kind of shoes in the jungle?

And, talking about Jane. The last thing she did before going to tribal council was to throw a bucket of water on the fire. When asked about it she said she built it. What in the world?

Then Na’Onka (love the name) stole food and the things she said on camera about fellow players . . . She would have qualified for an end of the show baddy but she up and quit. By the way not until she had secured a place on the jury. It will be interesting to see what she says on Sundays final show. Purple Kelly quit at the same time. At 22 you’d think if Dan at 63 is still in she could have made it?

So did you watch the show? If not I apologize as this blog is probably boring you to death. If you did, did your favorite make it to the end? And, are we ready for the next one scheduled for the spring of 2011?

Posted by Lavada Dee

New TV Season

Finally, the new season has started for our favorite TV shows.   Personally I’m ready. With summer over and earlier nights I like to settle down to new episodes of old favorites.  In addition there are always a few new shows I get into.

I have always enjoyed TV, movies, and books.   They might be time takers, but hey we’re retired and I still don’t have that down well, so more than ever I’m ready to go for it this year.  As I list some of my favorites you’ll notice that many of them will be in conflict (same night, same time).  Maybe reruns this year will be something I can look forward to.

So the shows:

•    Reality shows –  Jack started us watching these.   For awhile I didn’t get into them but now I get hooked with each episode. My favorites are The Amazing Race and Survivor and Biggest Loser.  We always have favorite players and get upset when they get booted out of the house, jungle, dance floor or whatever. Do you watch these shows and if so which ones are your favorites?

I didn’t see any new Reality shows for this fall.  But I may have missed them.

•    Crime and Detective type shows –  I like these, Jack not so much.   My favorites are CSI, the original one in Vegas.   And Criminal Minds, even though it can be pretty dark.  I also like Law and Order and there’s going to be a Law and Order Los Angeles that starts Sept. 29th.

There are quite a few new ones that I’m anxious to try this season.   I used to love     the old Hawaii Five-O and the stars of this years show are some of my favorites     so this is definitely on my list.  Others I intend to try are; Chase,  The Whole     Truth – I just saw the previews for this show and it looked good.  Defenders is     another one  I like because of Belushi and O’Connell, two actors I always     enjoy.

•    Paranormal/Sci-fi  – The Event looks good as I enjoyed Lost.

What about you?   What are the shows you can’t miss, the ones you record?   We might want to take a few and follow them together this year.  If you’d like to guest blog with a review let us know.

Happy TV time.