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Inside My Head and A Thank You to God

Jillian here-  hope you all had a lovely Father’s Day.

DSCN0136Inside my head is a scary place. I can’t seem to remember that the third MONDAY is my day. I keep thinking it’s the third Wednesday – I can always remember the first Wednesday is mine and that I have a day in the third week but blast it all, Monday will not stay in my mind.  Maybe it’s psychological?

Anyway, I remembered in time to pop over here and say something. Points for me!!

These last few weeks in my life have been very stressful and I have been on the verge of a nervous breakdown off and on since the first week of May. This coming week was weighing heavily on my mind and I spent much of the weekend either praying for a certain burden to be removed or worrying about things that may or may not happen.  Don’t you  hate it when you feel like that?

Any way, even thought I know fretting doesn’t work and only makes one miserable, I found myself wallowing in it too much this weekend so every time I would fret, I’d change it to a prayer.

Lo and behold, today, I found that prayer had been answered.  So, the question in my head now is when will I let go and trust that God, who has always taken care of me, will continue to do so? What’s a good way to learn to trust and let things work themselves out without stressing?  Anyone know?

The Sky is Falling…

Lately, it seems like I’ve been seeing a lot of anxiety in people, family members included. At times, I think I even need to throw myself into that mosh-pit.

I’m just going to apologize up front to the guys who check in on our blog. I’m about to use a ba-a-a-a-d word. Menopause. When I was menopausal, I was pretty lucky. I only had two symptoms to deal with. Hot flashes and anxiety. At least, I think that’s all I had to deal with, since my husband did not, as promised for years, go live in Tahiti without me for those years. 🙂

Anyhow, I remember that feeling of knowing, KNOWING everything was right in my world. But still waiting for the shoe to fall. For some disaster to strike. It was beyond my ability to cope with and I found myself drawing inward, chanting, meditating, anything to get through until the feeling ebbed. The one thing that helped me was, in fact, meditation. Hmmm, is it a Freudian slip that, as I typed meditation, it came out medication? 🙂 Seriously, though, I would find a comfortable chair, relax my neck (the tensest part of my body) and focus on my breathing, saying two words with the in and out of air.

In. Peace. Out. Calm.

It helped me get through those finite times when the anxiety was a strong force.  Recently, one of our bloggers, Tricia Jones, released a book about Yoga For Writers. It got me thinking about stress and anxiety and ways we can all try to cope with it. Yoga is one, although I’m one of the tightest people I know (so my physical therapist says). I’m not sure that’s the right option for me.

What other ways can we purge anxiety and stress? I thought I’d list some ways I’ve found here. And, if you have any additional suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

  • Exercise. A simple walk might be enough.
  • Focus on your breathing/meditate.
  • Accept it—ride the wave until it ebbs.
  • Visualization of calmer, happier moments.
  • Positive introspection.
  • Focus on a goal. It could be a project you started or something you’ve been putting off. Complete it.

It seems that the primary goal in each of these suggestions is to focus on one thing that is NOT the anxiety or stress. That’s interesting because I’ve been working with a close family member on just that. Don’t think about the thirty steps you need to complete to finish. Focus on one thing. Task #1. When that’s done, focus on task #2.

Hopefully, it will help. So, do you get bouts of anxiety? How do you cope? Got any tips for me? There are definitely times when I could use them.

Sorry for Being MIA

Have been super stressed since the last time I posted here. My mother had a stroke and my son was here visiting from the UK and my cat is sick (I’m afraid she’s dying) and I’m just feeling a tad like pulling out my hair. I enjoyed what little time I got with my son but it felt rushed and hectic what with all that’s happening with my mom. My dad is taking good care of her but he’s not taking care of himself in the meantime. I’m trying to make sure they eat right (since dad is diabetic and mom usually is the one to make him to do the right thing with his diet). And, Oh yeah, there’s that day job thing, too.

The future daughter in law hurt my feelings a few times while they were here but I’m hoping it’s just because I feel ultra sensitive right now. I’ve prayed since my sons were born that they’d each choose someone I could love (or even like) as a daughter in law. I forgot to reverse that prayer and hope that she would like me. Alas.

Anyway, I seem to be Debbie Downer lately, so just ignore the woman behind the curtain!