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Jillian here. Can you believe it’s already August and will be in the double digits of August tomorrow? Where is the time going?

I have completed (with my editor) edits on my newest book which will be under my other name. I hope to make a series of this one, but I am having a dickens of a time figuring out a cover plan. I used a lot of local places in the story and lots of local ghost lore with the historical buildings and areas being visited by the heroine. I don’t want a cluttered cover and am not sure about the new covers out there for cozy mysteries and so I am just at a standstill with the book. Gotta figure it out! LOL!

My mom and sister both are August babies so I actually went out shopping (!) for their gifts last week. I am not a shopper at all so this was big.

Premier league football (soccer for the USA crowd) has started back and I am cheering on the Liverpool team as I have for over 20 years.

The air conditioning has been out at my office and we are sweltering. Have had my fans going and windows open– a small breeze is always an “ahhh” moment. We have had two estimates for a new unit and waiting on a 3rd. Over $8,000.00 is what we’re looking to have to spend. UGH! But it has to be done. We’ve had some rain too so that helps cool it off. It’s decision time, though.

The best news of the month is that my husband will finish his cancer treatment this week and we can’t wait for him to ring that bell on Friday. We have kept it on the down-low on FB as he didn’t want all his extended family to tell the whole town where he is from. A small town in Alabama where he only had 18 people in his graduating class. He hates even when his sisters call to check on him so he sure didn’t want the whole town to know. 🙂 (and I’ve now told the whole blogger-verse!)

Happy August to all!

My Sweet Baboo!

The Media…Overstepping or Merely Reporting? by Valerie J. Patterson

If you’re like a lot of Americans and folks around the globe, you’ve been watching the Olympics.  Even if winter sports are not your thing, you’re bound to have seen some sort of coverage by accident, even.

I’ve seen crashes on the slopes I thought surely had to have ended a career.  I’ve seen a skater quit due to a back injury.  I’ve seen both men and women crash on the half pipe. And I’ve seen a lot of tears…not only over missing a shot at the podium but also because our media has pushed these fine athletes to tears with their invasive questions.

This annoys me.


Brody Miller comes to mind.  There’s been a media hailstorm over the female reporter who repeatedly asked Mr. Miller about his deceased brother.  Mr. Miller evaded her question time and time again until he simply, seemingly had no choice but to answer her as she was relentless.  Only after he shed a tear did she let up.  It was painful to watch.  It also got people riled up.  Most thought she was invading his privacy all for ratings.  Most thought she should have stopped asking after he sidestepped her question the second time.  I thought it never should have been asked.  At all.

After people berated the reporter’s actions, Brody Miller even eventually came to her defense and said she was simply doing her job.  I disagree.  I think she was following the normal route most–if not nearly all–reporters take and that is to go after the sensationalized story.

I don’t think being a reporter gives you the right to push people to the brink of emotional distress.  I don’t think being a reporter gives one the right to prod their subject until they break down into tears.  Any rational. compassionate individual is going to miss a recently deceased family member from their lives whether it be a parent, grandparent, sibling or child.  Why must the media always go for the throat…or in this case, the heart?