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New Family Member

As you all know, we lost our 13 year old cat, Dixie, in November. I decided in mid December that I needed a furry companion as I was sure missing my girl. Once I said the words, I had all kinds of friends trying to get me to take cats/kittens off their hands. I went and visited a couple but none of them seemed to be interested in me at all. I’ve had the cat that didn’t bond with me twice and it’s not what I wanted to happen. I’m a firm believer that your pet picks you.

On the day before my birthday, my kids took me to the animal shelter to see what they had kitten-wise. There was one who I swear would’ve been the kid in class who knew the answer and would be bouncing up and down in his chair yelling “Pick me, pick me.”

This kitten had his paw out of the cage waving it. He was leaping all around and yelling. My older son opened the door to the cage and took the kitty out. The kitty immediately lunged for me and climbed all over me, purring really loudly. My other son took him and it was all the kitten could do to fight him off and leap back on me. Yep. I’d found my cat.

My older son’s favorite comic strip was always Calvin and Hobbes. My younger son is minoring in philosophy and likes the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, so they agreed to name the cat Hobbes. So, the cat picked me, the kids picked his name and I guess I get to pick up the food at the store, right? We love our little fellow. He’s hilarious and a cuddle bug. He’s sitting on my chest as I type this. He’s very jealous of my iPad when I’m using it.

Sadly, one of my friends who wanted me to take a kitten from her isn’t talking to me right now. I couldn’t help it. That kitten had bonded to her and I didn’t want to take the chance of the fur baby being unhappy. I hope she gets over it because I hate to lose a friend over such a personal decision as the right pet. What do you think? Do our pets pick us? Should I have taken a pet that didn’t “speak” to my heart?




Sorry for Being MIA

Have been super stressed since the last time I posted here. My mother had a stroke and my son was here visiting from the UK and my cat is sick (I’m afraid she’s dying) and I’m just feeling a tad like pulling out my hair. I enjoyed what little time I got with my son but it felt rushed and hectic what with all that’s happening with my mom. My dad is taking good care of her but he’s not taking care of himself in the meantime. I’m trying to make sure they eat right (since dad is diabetic and mom usually is the one to make him to do the right thing with his diet). And, Oh yeah, there’s that day job thing, too.

The future daughter in law hurt my feelings a few times while they were here but I’m hoping it’s just because I feel ultra sensitive right now. I’ve prayed since my sons were born that they’d each choose someone I could love (or even like) as a daughter in law. I forgot to reverse that prayer and hope that she would like me. Alas.

Anyway, I seem to be Debbie Downer lately, so just ignore the woman behind the curtain!

It’s May! Happy Fifth Month

Can you believe it’s already MAY? Where is the time going? It seems like we were just celebrating the new year last week. I think I was still in freak-out mode back then and never thought I’d get through March, but I did. It’s funny how things make us get angsty for a while and then they are over and we forget how crazy insane we felt while it was going down. I guess God does that for us so we can soldier on toward the next task and/or goal.

I recently started writing a new book and I think the joy in my work has returned. It was touch and go there for a while and I despaired of ever wanting to be back in the groove of working all day at my law office and then writing at night, but it’s coming back to me- the love of the written word.

So, the good news this month is that #2 son will be graduating from high school. We’re looking forward to that and to a big family picnic/pool party in the back yard. The only down side is that #1 son will be home from England for a visit THREE days later. Bummer. He really would like to be there for his brother but he has to spend some time with the fiance’s family and they set an engagement party for the same day (and are trying to insist that we come- a 9 hour drive for us)- but you know, we already had the graduation party set for the week the kid graduates and that’s all there is to that. It would have been nice if they’d asked if we had plans before just sending out invitations.

Okay, you didn’t tune in to hear my belly-aching, so I’m gonna hush and wish you all a merry month of May! See you soon!

In Like a Lamb, Not a Lion

The old saying of March coming in like a lion and going out as a lamb is working in it’s opposite house this year on the gulf coast of Florida. We have had some awesomely warm weather. The poor plants are totally confused. The Japanese Magnolia at my office has already bloomed and the petals are falling. (See my Wordless Wednesday post at my personal blog today for a better shot as the best shots wouldn’t load for some reason. http://jillianchantal.com/2011/03/02/wordless-wednesday-40/ )

On my way home on Monday afternoon, I noticed that a lot of pear trees were blooming as well. I said “wonder why my pear tree isn’t in bloom.”- I had  left home at five a.m. as once a month I have to drive three hours one way for the day job – it was pitch dark when I left home. Imagine my delight when I got home to see my pear tree in bloom- early- drat it- As you may remember, I was going to post pictures once a quarter so you could see how it changes through the year- so, this will be a month early as I want to share the lovely white blooms. 

I love March- both of my kids were born in this month- although they are different astrological signs and are opposites in personality, they do  have a birthstone and their intelligence in common.  I love the dickens out of both of them. They make my life sing.  I sometimes believe my whole purpose here on this planet was to bring these two young men to life. I have great expectations for them both. One is in his last semester of architecture school and the other is in the 11th grade and is on the academic team- his coach calls him “the ace in the hole.” 

Happy Spring from here in North West Florida!  See ya in April!