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Book Review(s) – Over The Backyard Fence Authors

posted by Laurie Ryan

Happy Day after Christmas, everyone! I hope you’ve hugged too much, unwrapped too much, and eaten just the right amount to feel content. 🙂 This was an interesting season this year, what with promoting a holiday anthology at the same time as trying to get ready for Christmas with an ever-growing family. And now, the day after Christmas, I’m already thinking I need to start preparing for next year. Yikes!

To round out this year, since today is book review day, I thought I’d showcase some of the reviews our blog authors’ books have been getting:


 Steph Burkhart says:

“The novel is sophisticated for romance readers with love scenes that are sensual and tasteful. ‘Redemption for the Devil’ will allow the reader to experience a gambit of emotions, and will resonate with them long after the last page.”


What it’s about:

December, 1920: Mary Margaret Kincade, known as Peg, a devout Catholic, is the only child of an Irish adventurer presumed dead in an Arctic expedition gone awry. When her odious cousin comes to take over the family business and presumes to force Peg into marriage, she decides to make a new life in Americaby working her way across the ocean on a cruise liner.

Liam Cormac, a Protestant member of the Irish Republican Army, fighting for freedom from English rule, signs on to the same ship with the intention of blowing it up in the middle of the ocean.

Liam and Peg encounter each other in the first class passenger lounge and the attraction is mutual. When Peg is taken hostage by Liam’s partner, Liam has to make a decision about where his loyalties lie- with his country and his mission or with an Irish Catholic lass.

Where to read more about it:


 Tricia Jones BULL AT THE GATE

Camelia at Long and Short Romance Reviews says:

“Tricia Jones weaves a plot fraught with emotions, clandestine dealings, and incredible back stories that make the characters seem so true to life. The hero and heroine’s journey to a happy-ever-after is full of conflicts and seemingly insurmountable differences making the coming together so satisfying.”


What it’s about:

“Alexander “Bull” McKinley’s reputation as a hard-nosed businessman is tested when an old Fairy Gate and local superstition stand in the way of a lucrative development contract. Alex has his hands full trying to convince the villagers to play ball, without the unexpected—and definitely unwanted—attraction to the feisty redhead leading the revolt. Dee Ashman detests those who put profit before people, and she’s damned if an arrogant, insensitive and, okay, wildly attractive capitalist is going to destroy the symbolic heart of the village and break her beloved grandmother’s heart. But they cannot deny the desire that burns between them nor the unleashed passion neither can resist.”

Where to read more about it:



Edelweiss at Long and Short Romance Reviews says:

The Return is a complex tale that brims with high plot tension and suspense. Plus it ultimately becomes a beautiful love story, one the reader will not soon forget.”


What it’s about:

Whilst on assignment in Iraq, English TV presenter and journalist Robert Tremayne is captured by Islamic Jihadists and held hostage. His soul mate, Marielle, can barely come to terms with her loss but tries to move on with her life.

Two years later Robert is discovered alive. Marielle is overjoyed, but her life has changed beyond all recognition, and the man she loved is now very different. His time inIraqhas left him cold, emotionless and detached. There’s much to tell, and each wants desperately to return to the way things once were.

With the past always there to come between them, will they be able to recapture their lost love? Will they ever be happy again?

Where to read more about it:


Lavada Dee & Laurie Ryan’s HOLIDAY MAGIC – THE GIFT OF LOVE

Nikki at Books4U says:

<Healing Love>”is is a really beautiful, moving and inspiring read by Laurie Ryan. I wish there was more people in the world as dedicated and caring as Nicole Milbourne.”

<Priceless Love> “An excellent read all about love, this is a truly wonderful story by Lavada Dee. I really enjoyed this book. It makes a nice change to have two completely different stories in the one book. This book is the perfect feel good read for the festive season.”


What it’s about:

Priceless Love by Lavada Dee  “For Richer, For Poorer.”

Taylor Hamilton, dissatisfied with a life designed by her parents, attends a friend’s fall wedding and finds small town life agrees with her. The problem is, her wealth doesn’t agree with the man she falls for. Is their love strong enough to find a bridge of trust where money isn’t an issue?  

 Healing Love by Laurie Ryan  “In Sickness and in Health.”

Nicole Milbourne’s single-minded focus on a medical research career is thrown for a loop when charismatic Dr. Damien Reed shows her there’s more to life than studying diseases. Will an unexpected Christmas fill Nicole’s lonely heart and show her the healing power of love?

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