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Smiling my way through Spring

So, I think I talked earlier this month about getting the deck furniture out. I thought I’d show you our pond this week. We got it up and running for the summer just before getting the furniture out. It’s not rock, it’s plastic (too good a price at Costco), but I love it. It sounds amazing, and looks amazing, especially with the Azalea blooming behind it.  (Pay no attention to the dirt to the right of the picture. We had to dig up part of our sidewalk this winter.)


It was a family effort, putting this pond in ten years ago. My husband had major back surgery and wasn’t lifting anything much yet. So the kids and grandkids dug the hole and got the pond set in place. I think that’s another reason I like it so much. 🙂

I’ve always said that I love all the seasons pretty much equally. Right now, though, as I sit out on deck in the sunshine, listening to the waterfall in our pond, smiling, I have to say that Spring is really feeding my soul.

I hope you all have had a wonderful month filled with the sights and sounds of Spring.