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He Called You What?? by Valerie J. Patterson

“A good name is better to be chosen than great riches.”

This was embroidered on a book marker my Grandma Burr gave me on my birthday when I was perhaps 10.  It’s been in my Bible since then.  Every time I see it, I think of her and I smile.

Over the years, I have often thought about this message and what it really means.  “A good name is better to be chosen than great riches.”

My dad always told me a person’s integrity is their most valuable asset, so keep your name spotless.  This, to me, goes hand in hand with the message on the book marker.

Having said all that, that’s not what this blog is about.

If you’re currently in a relationship or have ever been in a relationship then it’s likely your significant other has at one point called you by an endearing name and you’ve likely followed suit and chosen one for him/her.  What comes immediately to mind are: honey, hon, sweetie, dear, babe, etc.  My mom always called me dad “hon”.  My dad had a variety of terms of endearment for my mom, but my favorite one was often a joke between them.  Every morning he’d wake up and say, “Morning Glory.”  To which she would reply, “Gloria?  Who’s Gloria?”

I loved the playfulness between them and am incredibly blessed to have the same playfulness with my own Bubbly Hubby!  From early on in our marriage, I have called Steve “Bud” and “Buddy”.  His mother told me once that she really liked that I called him those names because it showed that I not only considered him my husband but also my friend, which is important in a marriage.

I also call him Stud Muffin and Batman and a couple others I think he’d prefer I not put down in writing!  😛

What about you?  What does your love bunny call you?  What do you call him/her?  Don’t be shy…

Until next time, I hope there are tight hugs, tender moments, and stolen kisses to keep you warm as we say goodbye to summer and usher in autumn.