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Mother’s Day

Jillian here. Happy May. Sorry I missed April. For days before it was my day, I debated what to say and then when the day actually came, I still had nothing. Lol. I don’t have much today either. I’ve fallen into a terrible rut of work, home, work, home, work, ad infinitum. I gotta get out more. 🙂

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the US. Hope all who celebrated had a nice one. Mr. C and I ate brunch with my parents at Cracker Barrel. My sister was sick so she didn’t make it. Mom always picks where we go, so off we went. We set 9:00 as the time hoping to miss the breakfast crowd and get there before the lunch bunch. Didn’t work out to plan as it was a fifty minute wait for a table. Good thing it was breezy and 67 degrees F (19 C). Sitting on the porch on rockers was nice. Mom doesn’t eat much these days, but she ate a ton yesterday. I told her that was the most I’d seen her eat in years and she said she knew but she was starving. I guess making her wait 50 minutes plus cooking time is the way to get her to eat more. 🙂

I got to face time with my older son and his family. When I got on, their dog, Primm, was across the room. I called out, “Hey, Miss Primm,” and she came running toward the screen. She let me chat with her a few minutes but ambled off when I couldn’t pet her.

Had a good conversation with them and watched grandson play a matching numbers game on his tablet. He said he wanted to come to my house and that made me happy for sure. Being only two years old and 7 hours away, I worry that he won’t know me and so when he asks to visit, that means a lot.

My younger son works for me and gave me a bath and body store gift card. He said his real gift was to finish all the backlog of filing on top of the cabinets (it’s been driving me bonkers). Imma gonna remind him of that about Thursday. Hehehe. 🙂

Here’s Miss Primm and her fancy portrait.

Tribute to a Very Special Lady

Hi Everyone! Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while. I’ve just been finding it hard to find the motivation to write anything, let alone be creative. You see I lost my dear mum back in July and life just hasn’t been the same.

My mum had been terminally ill and was amazing all through it. She rarely complained, except about the hospital food and the woefully small TV on her hospital ward. Of course, courtesy of Covid, we couldn’t visit her, but we were able to zoom her every day. Her first question was always how we were all doing with lockdown and checking on the family dogs. Her next question was when we thought she would be able to leave hospital and get home and catch up on her soaps on a decent sized TV! When she finally did get home we filled the day with watching those soaps, playing gin rummy, reminiscing, and having our special morning coffee with a ‘naughy’ chocolate biscuit.

Since mum passed, I’ve been taking Vivvy to the woods a lot, remembering the times when mum would join us on our walks, steadfastly refusing to allow her limited mobility to stop her. I’ve been reflecting on how lucky I was to have a mum like her. Remembering things like the time when she queued in the rain all day while I was at school to get me a ticket to see The Beatles, to the times she scoured the shops to find the exact thing I wanted for Christmas, to the times she told me never to settle for anything less than what I really wanted.

She was very supportive of my writing and used to display copies of my book covers on the walls in her hallway. I often wondered what her elderly friends thought when they saw images of half-clad couples and man chests adorning the walls. I have a lovely memory of taking mum into the local W.H. Smith bookstore here in the UK on the release of one of my books, and having to stop her from buying up all the copies. Despite that I’d already given her a couple of author copies, she insisted on purchasing one and proceeded to tell everyone in the queue at the checkout that her daughter was the author of the book she was buying and how proud she was of me.

Mum loved her family, her friends, animals, her garden, shopping, Magnum ice cream, and Chuck Norris. I think she’d watched every episode ever made of Walker, Texas Ranger at least a half dozen times! The only thing she really hated was spiders, and the thought of being a burden to anyone. As if that were possible. Those last months I spent with her were amongst the most precious of my life, and I’ll miss her every day, but I’ll be forever grateful for having this very special lady as my mum.

Rest in peace, Mum, and I hope heaven has a really huge TV.


While Thanksgiving is the time to talk about what we are thankful for, I have an especially important reason to be talking about it now, as Christmas nears.

You see, a month or so before Thanksgiving, on October 20th, to be exact, our 91 year old mother took a health turn for the worse. Her heart decided it didn’t want to work right anymore. And because of that, she’s had significant breathing issues (and looming kidney issues from the meds).

I am happy to say that, after 53 days of hospitalization and rehab center living, Mom has rebounded significantly. Her life has changed. She can no longer live independently as she was. And her time driving is now done, too. But that doesn’t stop Mom.

Last week, she reached the point in her strength recovery that she was able to move in with hubby and I. It’s been several days of adjustment (and a few sleep-deprived nights) but things are starting to settle into a pattern. She’s getting around well with her walker and home health is coming in to help us all adjust to this new normal.

I think it’s going to work. And I’m so grateful for this continued time with Mom. We all are.

What amazes me the most is how gracious she has been about all these changes. Not perfect. She gets down sometimes, and cranky others. But she has helped us make decisions that had to be made with a gentle strength and positiveness that I can only pray I mimic when my children have to deal with these issues where I am concerned.

We’ve also been trying to integrate two cats who have never had pet-mates in their home…our Dude and Mom’s Mia. They are co-existing, but not happy. They’ve claimed ends of the house and things get dicey when they meet in the middle. I’ve been leaning heavily on Lavada for cat advice and am grateful to her friend who runs a cat re-homing organization called Feline Friends for all the advice and help. (If you want to see some adorable cats…and their equally adorable descriptions, check them out.)


So from our entire family (both human and animal) to yours, we wish you a holiday surrounded by family and friends, filled with smiles and peace and that rare sense that all is right in the world.

Because all is right in ours at the moment and we would love to share that sentiment with you. 🙂