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History Fair

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Jillian here. Happy February. I, for one, was happy to see January leave. I literally was sick the entire month. Kept the cough until February 5, but at least wasn’t sick. Today, I had the privilege of being part of … Continue reading

Crapaw’s Turtles

Every year, I host a Christmas cookie exchange.  My friend, Holly, makes these wonderful turtle type snacks. Her father came up with the recipe. He was actually the coach at my junior high before she was born and I met her as an adult. Small town and all that jazz.  LOL! When she had her first child, he couldn’t say grandpa and called the coach Crapaw. So, these little beauties are called Crapaw’s Turtles.

You will need a bag of Rollos caramel candies, a bag of square mini pretzels, and some whole pecans.

Stack the pretzel with the  Rollo on top  and place on a microwave safe plate. Put in microwave on high for about 40 seconds (you may have to watch it a few times to see what temp your microwave cooks at) or til the Rollo is melted. There is a magic moment where it’s too melted so watch it the first time or two til you get it like you want it. Once the Rollo is partially melted, remove the plate from the microwave and press a whole pecan on each of the pretzel/Rollo combinations.

These are heavenly!! If you try them and hate them, you can just mail them to me. I’ll take them off your hands.  No problemo!