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Late Again- But I WAS Thinking of the Blog

Yesterday was my day. On Tuesday, I made myself a note to do my post. On Wednesday, the 9th, I told my paralegal I didn’t know what to talk about. She had no clue either. I went to court, still thinking…. nada.

Around 4:30, I got a text from my niece and I mentioned something to my paralegal about her. Paralegal Extraordinaire said I could use that as my blog post. BUT I had already turned off my computer. I said I’d do it when I got home….well… I couldn’t  log on at home as I forgot my password (It’s saved on the computer I left at work)- So, here I am today, a day late and a brain cell short, putting out my post.  🙂

My husband has a number of nieces, but I’ve always been particularly close to one of them- she was 15 and I was 21 when I married her uncle and we’ve sort of had a sister relationship. She has two daughters. One is married and has five children. The other one got engaged at Christmas.

I am super excited that my great-niece has invited me to go with her, her mom and sister (and her two daughters) to shop for her wedding gown. I didn’t get to do that with my daughter-in-law so this is my chance to have that fun excursion. There’s a show here in the US (for UK readers who don’t know) called “Say Yes to the Dress” – the main show is in NYC, but they have an Atlanta, Georgia set show as well. My niece has her appointment at that salon on her birthday in February. I am super excited to be part of her journey and so happy for them both. He’s a lovely man and so good to her. He’s going to fit right in with our clan.

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Traveling With The One I Love by Valerie J. Patterson

Every August, the bubbly hubby and I take an anniversary trip.  We were married on August 9th, which is also my father’s birthday, so the date is extra special to me.

My husband, Steve has taken to planning our anniversary trip and usually I am the last to know where we are headed.  He has planned some exceptional vacations from St. Ignace and Mackinac Island to Delaware to Rhode Island and Newport Island to Washington D.C. to the Irish Festival in Dublin, Ohio.  No matter where we go, I can count on plenty of romantic moments, memorable activities, excellent food, and noteworthy wine.  From steps into fiction like a trip to Mount Airy, North Caroline–the town Mayberry was fashioned after–to steps back in time like a trip to the 134-year old Belhurst Castle in Geneva, New York.  From an evening spent at one of the oldest rodeos in the country to a week exploring the trails of Nova Scotia where the Titanic sank.  From romantic nights sharing a sunset, bottle of wine, and a hot tub to cool, windy evening concerts at the marina, on the beach, or in the grandstands.  From studying the ancient documents of our country’s birth to studying a line up of suspects on a murder mystery train.  You see, I never know what secrets will be shared until the trip unfolds.  And I am never, ever disappointed.

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This year, due to a scheduling snafu, our usual leisurely 8-day trip was whittled down to 4 days and 3 nights.  Imagine my surprise when Steve said last week’s trip was part one of a 3-part get away.  Part Two will be in September–at an as yet undisclosed location.  Part Three will be in October in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, and all I know for sure is that we will be attending a Jo Dee Messina concert and enjoying a leaf peeping morning and afternoon.

I love the fact that we share so many of the same interests, yet are different enough to compliment one another.  I love that he gets excited about history and that he indulges my interest in Mark Twain to the point of taking me to Twain’s Connecticut home, his gravesite in New York, and his mountain study, also in New York.  I’m so glad that he shares my interest in wine and is willing to take countless winery/vineyard tours and visit many tasting rooms, and attend a wine festival with me–all at his planning.  I am in awe at his trip planning skills.  And I am amazed at his romantic side, his funny side, his serious side, and his generosity, his ability to make me smile, and his ability to love me when I am feeling unlovable.

No matter what we do during our anniversary trip, I can always count on celebrating our love, our friendship, and our marriage.  Like every couple, we have had good, happy times, and we have also had dark, sad times of sorrow.  I am very blessed to have Steve–not just for our trips, but for the countless moments spent together that have shaped and defined our marriage.

Until next time, I hope you all are enjoying summer’s fading glory.  Take care.

February – The Month of Love

Welcome to February.  We romance writers adore the world of love every day of every month, but this is the month on the calendar dedicated to love.  In celebration of that, I’d like to share a little about this past weekend. My husband’s great niece got married in a lovely ceremony in South Alabama.  The service was beautiful but the most wonderful thing was the love this young couple clearly have for each other. The niece was always a little mother. She loved all the little children of the family and took care of them from the time she was about five herself. As soon as she was old enough and had a place of her own, she started to care for children in the foster care system. She fell in love with two small boys- they are 10 and 12 and they are natural brothers.  They’re the cutest little kids and clearly adore her.  The groom is already like a father to them and they are just so darn cute as a family.  Now that they’re married, they hope to finalize an adoption of these boys.  

I was thrilled to be there to witness their joy and to be a part of the day. I stayed with the mother of the bride and got to help with picking up the dress and the flowers along with all those other necessary things that have to be done. I took a lot of pictures and just had a great time. The groom’s family was awesome and I  have great hopes for this marriage that took place on the eve of the month of love.

Enjoy your own sweethearts this month and remember the joy of being young, in love and starting the adventure of a lifetime.   Ciao, til March. Enjoy these photos!