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Do you believe in fairies?

Don’t panic. I’m not about to admit to seeing any at the bottom of my garden. As far as I know, my faculties are still in good working order. It’s just that on a recent car journey with AJ to visit my mother, we drove past a small village in Wiltshire nestled in a valley with its handful of cottages and houses surrounded by a stream. I’ve always referred to it as Brigadoon because it looks so magical and driving past at dusk it’s easy to imagine a sleepy village which only comes to life every hundred years.

The conversation turned to the possibility of such a phenomenon existing and then to the concept of magic in general. While I’m the one in the family who has her head mostly in the clouds, AJ is also open minded to the possibilities that exist outside the known, although he does draw the line at fairies and the existence of other such mythical creatures. Anyway, we discussed magic in its broadest sense and of our personal definitions of the concept—from spells, conjuring and sorcery to the more ethereal of possibilities. Personally, my interest is with the latter concept—the unaccountably enchanting, the fantastical, the sheer wonder of something that has the potential to take my breath away.

It is this everyday kind of magic that can, for me, turn the seemingly mundane into something quite enchantingly extraordinary. It can be a snowdrop peeking through layers of snow; a puppy gazing up at me with pure adoration in its eyes; my husband telling me that after almost forty years of marriage I’m still his dolly bird; a fabulous sunset; a little village in Wiltshire that I call Brigadoon…the list goes on and on and on. Pure magic, all of it, and I truly believe in this respect we all live daily in a magical universe.

And if I ever do get lucky enough to see a fairy at the bottom of my garden? Well, I’d invite her in for tea, of course. Can you imagine what I’d have to write about on a future blog post!

How about you? What are the magical things in your life?

New Cover and Exciting Credit

I have a new story coming out from Sweet Cravings Publishing and when I sent in the cover questionnaire, I let the artist, Dawne Dominique (who is fantastic to work with and really can interpret a questionnaire to nail the cover) know that I had some pictures of Edinburgh that might work for the cover. When she was ready to work on it, I sent her about twelve to choose from. She did a fantastic job and I adore the cover since it absolutely captures the essence and magic of the story (and the setting). I’m also super excited that I will be credited for the background pictures used on the cover. My first photography credit! How cool is that?

I’m going to share a few of the pictures I sent her as well as the final cover. Isn’t it awesome? Have a wonderful week. I’m hoping for one where everyone I know survives.

IMG_0418 (2)

IMG_0424 (2)

IMG_0426 (2)

london and scotland 2012 070 (2)

EnchantedEdninburgh_MED (2)