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The First Week of May- Silliness and Seriousness

Jillian here!  The first week of May is full of fun dates and lots of folks had a great time with some of them on FB and other social mediums. May first is May Day which is celebrated a lot of places with flowers and even a maypole to be danced around. May Day is also International Workers’ Day. May first is also Law Day when the United States remembers and reflects upon the role of law in the founding of this country and how important it is to society as a whole. We usually have luncheons with the local bar and some folks visit the schools to pass on some words of wisdom.

May Fourth as become a kind of Star Wars day- “May the Fourth” be with you, for example. People celebrate the series of movies on that date.

May Sixth has also picked up on the Star Wars trend by being “Revenge of the Sixth” day.  LOL  – it can’t get much crazier than that, can it?

Well, yes, in all seriousness, it can. We here in Pensacola got a big whammy last week on April 20 and 30th. We got over 27 inches of rain in like 10 hours. We actually got more rain in that 24 hour period than Los Angeles has gotten in the last two YEARS.  This was on top of several big rains the week prior where the rivers were already close to spilling over. All that additional water needed somewhere to go and for some very unlucky people, it ruined their homes.

We had a couple of fatalities when cars were swept away when the dirt under train tracks washed out as well as when the dam broke on one of our lakes. Some of my friends less than a mile from me had to escape through their roofs and by boat at that. It was crazy and so fast.

We’re used to hurricanes but this damage was different and very sporadic. It was nuts- pockets of town were totally devastated and others were totally okay. It didn’t seem to be much reason with what got destroyed and what didn’t. It’s amazing how life can turn on a dime as they say.

Many, many people who had damage were no where near flood zones and had no flood insurance. It’s pretty sad. Clean up is still going on. We were lucky that we live on high ground but so many weren’t. The bridge was out right outside my neighborhood so for several days, I had to go north to go south to get to work but at least I had an intact home and office.  Here’s a link to a few pictures.

May Day, May Day

Can you believe it’s already May? This year has flown by so far.  The first day and week of May has hosted many celebrations throughout history.  It was a Celtic feast day to celebrate the beginning of summer. It was called Beltane and bonfires were lit all over the countryside.

The Romans had a festival during this period in the spring to celebrate the fertility goddess,  Flora. She was also the goddess of flowers.

In medievel days, the celebration of May Day included the May pole.  The pole would have a prominent place in the town and be decorated with greenery and ribbons. Dancing would also take place.  Some folks gathered flowers and called it “going a’maying.”

In a celebration near and dear to me as a lawyer,  President Eisenhower, in 1958, designated May 1 as Law Day. The legal community in my town always has celebrations to honor the law and the constitution on May 1. 

In several countries around the world, May 1 is Labor Day and celebrates the workers. 

And who can forget Cinco De Mayo which celebrates the Mexican win over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862?  And then, in the USA, there is Mother’s Day this weekend as well- except it’s actually the second Sunday of the month as declared by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.  

So, all in all, the first week of May has something for everyone that loves flowers, nature, law, people, Mexican culture, and moms.  What else do we need?