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Late is Becoming the New Normal For Me

I’m late again. It seems the 9th has a way of arriving when I’m in the midst of chaos or travel. This time, I was in Orlando for work from Wednesday to Friday and then spent the weekend with my son and daughter-in-law. I got home last night a little after six but it’s an almost 7 hour drive and even though I knew it was my day, I was too lazy to type. Alas.

So, here I am today. I usually take the grand dog, Primm, a toy when I visit. This time I got her a weird yellow creature (picture below). She wasn’t thrilled with it when I got there Wednesday night, but by Friday, she’d warmed up to it. Saturday, she was pulling the stuffing out of it. My son said, “And this is why we don’t buy her soft toys.”

I told him it cost less than lunch at Wendy’s and if she destroyed it, it lasted longer than digesting a meal. I also picked up the fuzz that came out of it. 😁

It seems I’m already a bad influence on the grand dog. And since my daughter-in-law is 17 weeks pregnant, I’m sure I’ll be in trouble some more as the future unfolds. 😁

We’re super excited to have our first grand baby. I was happy to be able to go with my son and his wife to shop for some baby items and some maternity clothes for her. She has just a little bump right now, but she tried on the fake one at the store to see how the dresses would fit later. She was precious as she giggled every time she looked at herself in it.  Lots of fun ahead for them— and us.




Yep, it’s October and it’s my day here. I had grand plans to share some photos from prior October fun, but wouldn’t you know it, I left the laptop with all my photos saved in nice little folders at the office. So there went that plan.

So, instead of that yumminess, I thought I’d share an old game I used to play with my kids when they were lap-sitters. Remember the old rhyme where the kiddo sits on your knees and you bounce them as you sing the song, “Ride a cock horsey, go to town, watch your step that you don’t fall down” and when you say down, you open your knees and the child goes down a bit and giggles?

Anyway, I hope you remember because in honor of Halloween month, I’m going to tell you a new one. The rhyme I always sang (and I use the term loosely since my singing voice isn’t the best) is this: “Old lady witch, thought she was rich, picked up a penny and fell in a ditch” – the last word, of course, is when the knees part.

No wonder my kids are warped, right? All that crap about witches and ditches. LOL

Any fun rhyming games you want to share?