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Happy October!!!

Thanks be to God that September is over. I had a big ole case that has been driving my life for months and the trial was on the 26th. Life is now back to normal (well, almost– since I’m still playing catch up). This is my absolute favorite month of the year. Cooler nights and black cats, pumpkins, lattes with spices, witch hats and striped socks along with rust-colored leaves and bonfires make me a happy girl. I absolutely adore fall. When I lived in Virginia, we used to ride up Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge mountains and get fresh apple cider. Man, oh, man that was some good stuff. I miss that the most. It’s just not the same here.

Here is one of my favorite pictures here in my hometown. I know y’all have seen it before but it makes me laugh every time I get a gander at it.

I also got myself a new toy the other day. I love her. She’s a happy, fall-loving gal just like me. Check out her shoes- she’s even a shoe-hound like me!