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And in blows November. Chilly winds, dark mornings, dark earlier of an evening. And frosts. Here in my little part of the UK we’ve had several hard frosts. The garden survived the first few, but succumbed to the last one. … Continue reading

Summer’s back!

Last weekend I packed away my summer clothes having spent the previous few days and nights shivering as the weather turned chilly. I dug out my autumn/winter gear and with regret said goodbye to tee shirts and linen trousers for the foreseeable future. Then back came the sun!

It’s unseasonably hot and sunny here in the UK right now with temperatures in the mid to late 20s.. Yesterday was the hottest autumn day in England since the 1890s. We’re all enjoying an Indian Summer At least we humans are. The poor plants and insects are finding things pretty confusing.

Gardeners at Kew Gardens report that plants are flowering as if it’s spring, with some shrubs displaying flowers even as their leaves change colour ready for autumn.

The insects are confused, too. In early September, when the weather here grew really chilly, the spiders started their annual autumnal march into the house searching for warmth. Now all is quiet with this warm weather and I just hope that when this hot spell is over, we don’t have another invasion of the creepy crawlies inside the home. Once a year is enough, thank you 🙂

We have a few more days of good weather forecast, so we’re heading out this weekend to make the most of it. Dogs are allowed on the beaches here in the UK from today, so looks like Zorro will get his first taste of the seaside.

Wherever you are in the world, have a great weekend.

Glorious Chelsea

The Chelsea Flower Show is now in full swing here in the UK. It’s held every year in May, runs for five days and is considered one of the most famous gardening shows in the world. Run by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), it takes place in the grounds of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, London. The show attracts well over 150,000 visitors and this number is limited only because of the ground’s capacity.

As part of the royal patronage of the RHS, members of the Royal Family attend a preview of the show and the show itself is a favourite venue for celebrities who are often snapped alongside the exhibits, especially if they have a new type of flower named after them.

Tickets are always much sought after and the show sells out pretty quickly. I didn’t get a ticket this year, but there’s great coverage on TV so I’ve still managed to have my annual fix. On the show’s website, there’s a great feature called “Take Chelsea Home” which offers ideas for getting the “Chelsea look” in your own garden. I’m especially interested in attracting more wildlife into my garden, so I’m particularly interested in the ideas to get the garden buzzing with life. Also trying my hand at growing vegetables this year and have planted tomatoes, runner beans, spinach, lettuce and soft fruit bushes. Fingers crossed.

Now I’m off to dream about what flower I’d like to have named after me…hmm, I think, because I love spring, it would have to be a soft lilac tulip tinged with white, but then I love summer too, so maybe a terracotta rose basking in the sunlight and enjoying the warmth.

What flower would you choose to have named after you?