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Where Do I Start? Ch-ch-ch-ch-anges!

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Lots of craziness going on in my life the last month or so. I missed my last blog post because even though I knew it was my day coming up- the day before – or maybe the morning of- I … Continue reading


Lots of Things Afoot at Chez Chantal

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Jillian here!  It’s been a busy time here at Chez Chantal. One of my staff had a stroke on Christmas Eve and, even though she is on the road to recovery, it’s been pretty stressful at the office since things … Continue reading


What happens to styles? Our house is around twenty five years old and even though we’ve done upgrades I would like to do some more. Like change out the white ceramic kitchen counters for granite ones.

Last week I got a surprise when we were out looking at granite. We were reminiscing about the avocado and gold appliances of a few decades ago with the salesman. We laughed remembering the shag carpets and he said —- they are coming back in. Avocado, gold and shag. No Way!

In thinking of the “Changes” or “Upgrades” that I’d like to do I’m wondering if it might be the time to sell and purchase something newer. Of course first I’d have to ‘sell’ Jack. No easy task there.

So what is the bottom line, when to sell, when to redecorate, when to remodel? When to just live with what you have and hope it doesn’t get to the state where you have to do something.

And, then there’s always the mess of tearing up the house to do the work. I shudder to think that we should take the wall paper of twenty five years ago off. And, why didn’t I have the walls finished under it. Now we’ll have to finish them before they can be painted.

But then again, maybe if I just wait, ceramic tile and wall paper will come back in style. Or Not!