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Mia – My Mother’s New (to her) Cat

I’m currently waiting for a call from my daughter saying she’s in labor (she’s not…yet). She’s due February 18th and I am on a plane ASAP when that call comes in. 🙂  In the meantime, I’ll talk about the newest edition that HAS arrived in our family. Our mother’s new cat. New to her, anyhow.

After missing her cat, Henry, who passed a couple years ago, Mom seemed ready for a new companion, and we “kids” jumped on it. My sister took Mom to the local rescue place two days after Christmas and Mia came home with Mom that day.

Mia is about ten years old and the sweetest, gentlest cat I’ve ever known. She’s perfect for Mom. Mia’s favorite places are on Mom’s lap and sleeping above her head or next to her leg. She’d sleep ON Mom’s leg if she could, but there are limits, eh?

Anyhow, I couldn’t write about Mia until now because there were issues and I needed to know the outcome would be good, which it is.

We had a horrible time getting Mia to eat. The prior owner had written down the food Mia was used to. Over the course of 4 weeks, Mia ate hardly anything. We tried what she was used to, plus 2 or 3 other brands. Different types of canned food, too. Even drizzling tuna juice didn’t work. Nor did human food. We zapped stuff in the microwave for a few seconds to enhance the scent. Mom smeared it on her paw (she DID lick that off).

Mia was drinking water, but simply would not eat. For FOUR weeks. Mom counted out kibbles and they were still there in the morning. The vet said she had to be getting food from somewhere or wouldn’t be alive after 4 weeks. They did an xray and found a dime-sized stone in her bladder, but didn’t think that would keep her from eating.

Mia and Mom at one of several vet visits.

Mia and Mom at one of several vet visits.

Four vet visits later, and a drop of almost 3 pounds, from 12+ to 9ish, we were desperate. They didn’t want to put her through the trauma of surgery if she wouldn’t eat. So we started a medicine that is an appetite stimulant. I’m not sure how long that stuff takes to kick in, but one day later, Mia still wasn’t eating.

So Mom put her plate on the floor with a few chicken leftovers and was shocked to see Mia gobble them up. She switched the cat food from bowls to plates, and Mia has been eating ever since! It’s amazing!

Now, she’s still on the appetite stimulant, so we’re honestly not sure what did the trick, the meds or the plate. Could plate vs. bowl really be enough of a deterrent for a cat? We had tried different bowls, but never tried a plate. Gees.

Anyhow, it’s been two weeks since Mia started eating. She’s gaining weight. Loving Mom’s lap, her favorite place to be, and successfully had surgery this last week to remove the stone.

All seems to be well with Mia, and as a family, we are so, so grateful. The bonding between Mom and her kitty was immediate and deep and we all hope they get many good years together.

Welcome to the family, Mia!