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Happy Easter Monday and Patriots’ Day

Today is Easter Monday which is celebrated in several countries but not much in America. It’s a holiday in Australia and in many other countries, they have church services on this day. The Eastern Orthodox Church calls this Monday “bright Monday”- I love that. In the Republic of Ireland, this day is a day of commemoration for those who died in the Easter Rising which began on Easter Monday in 1916. Do any of you celebrate Easter Monday? If so, what are the traditions you observe?

logo_Annual_Patriots_Day_Weekend_CelebrationIt is also Patriots’ Day- not to be confused with Patriot Day (which marks the Sept 11th tragedies). This Patriots’ Day is celebrated in Massachusetts by the running of the Boston Marathon. It’s a day of commemoration for the battles of Lexington and Concord. It’s celebrated on the third Monday of April in Massachusetts and Maine. For some reason which is unknown to me, the state of Wisconsin also observes this day and the state of Florida also celebrates the day even though it’s not an official holiday.

The actual battles were on April 19, 1775 and were the first battles of the Revolutionary War. In the two towns of Lexington and Concord, there are reenactments of the battles. They also recreate the horseback rides of Paul Revere and William Dawes (with police escorts), calling out warnings.

I love that so much of history is commemorated this week. It just seems right that we remember the ones who’ve gone before us as we celebrate the love of God for us sinners, doesn’t it?


Sorry I missed my day to post. Just put my head on the pillow and realized it was the third Monday of the month. That pesky first being on a Monday threw me off. Tomorrow is my father’s 73rd birthday and his gift is a possible bypass surgery. We’re not sure yet as he may be able to get by with just a stent or two but the decision won’t be made until tomorrow. So, I’m a bit stressed and discombobulated. Sorry.

Feeling very down about the whole Boston Marathon bombing as well as the Iraq bombing today. Why is there such evil in the world? It just don’t get that mentality. Hurting others even by words is something I try not to do. I can’t even fathom the kinds of things these monsters are thinking. Wow. I’ve been praying for the victims all afternoon.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful april weather-wise. I know it’s been rough all over and I hope the snows some of you are having have finally stopped.

Let’s all hope for sunny skies and good things to happen the rest of the month. I’m hanging in there and hope anyone who sees this post is as well. We must believe in better days, right?