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Workshops Worth the Time

Jillian here. I had a super experience last weekend in Birmingham, Alabama. I belong to the Southern Magic chapter of RWA and they hosted the fabulous Deb Dixon from Belle Books/Belle Bridge Books in two workshops (which were really three). Friday night, she focused on “The Slippery Slope” – which is the big black moment. MAN! I always had a different idea in my head about what exactly that was- I tried to make it way more than it is- not that it isn’t vital but I had a basic misunderstanding of how it actually could be something more subtle than I was making it. I loved how she explained it and I think I have a much better handle on it.

In fact, one of my crit partners was asking me about my story I’m polishing right now last week and wanted to know why I had what happened occur. I said it was the black moment and she said it didn’t  have to be that black.  LOL.  I get what she meant by that comment now.

On Saturday, Ms. Dixon talked about “Goal, Motivation and Conflict” as well as “The Hero’s Journey.”   She broke each of these down into elements and really, really hit us with some wonderful information. Every single word she said over the 10 hours she stood at the podium talking was a golden nugget of information. No one wanted to leave the room to even take care of biological needs.  LOL – I was so impressed with her. Such a great speaker. She related a lot of her talk to movie plots and man, she made the material come alive. And what a great way to teach – the examples made the lessons make sense on a core level.

“The Hero’s Journey” is a 12 step story-telling guideline based on mythology. Most all stories have some elements of this guide. Written by Christopher Volger. This is used as Deb’s jumping off point for her talk.

Ms. Dixon wrote the book called “Goal, Motivation and Conflict” and I recommend that for your writing took kit.

If you are ever in a position to attend any of her workshops, run. Don’t walk, RUN! toward that workshop. It is so worth the time you spend. The fee wasn’t that high and I’ve paid way more to learn waaay, waaay less.