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The Allure of Snowbirding

Snowbirding is the art of moving with the climate. Heading south, to warmth, for the winter months, then north when the heat of summer hits. I’m not sure if snowbirding is a worldwide term or a West and East coast North America term, but this year, I finally understand the allure of it.

Lavada has been giving us an excellent look (here and here) at what snowbirding is all about. Being warm, when home is rainy and cold. Getting sunshine to feed the soul, while friends are mired in gray muck. And getting to know a new locale better than a few days vacation allows.

I’ve never really understood the need to fly south for the winter. I like my seasons. Rainy and cold makes me appreciate warm and sunny. And you may or may not have read one of my many posts about how I love to see snow falling.

This year, though, I got a taste of snowbirding. In early March, we went to Peoria, Arizona to catch a couple Seattle Mariners baseball spring training games. It was 40’s and cold and rainy here at home. And my sister in Philadelphia was all but buried under a Nor‘easter.

And here we sat…

Within half an hour of checking in, we were at the pool. Being lazy, soaking up sunshine, and watching balloons fly overhead.

We did make it to a game. Here’s the proof.

But only one of the two games we planned to attend. That second full day, we were right back where we started…

Then we got on a plane for cold and rainy home. We didn’t do any touring while in Arizona, so I can see how being there for a month or so would be nice. You can get the pool time out of your system the first few days, then see the sights.

Now, we were happy to be home when we got here, but the cold did seem colder and the rain did seem a bit excessive. Maybe, just maybe, there’s some snowbirding in our future.

I hope your Easter was happy and your Spring abounds with color and sunshine and warmth. 🙂

It Isn’t Spring in January?

We have friends that are getting ready to make their annual trip south. They have their own place in Surprise Az., so except for visits back over the holidays that will be their home until spring. And, I’m a bit envious in a good way. I love it that they are going but now is when we’d be starting to think of January and sun if we were going this year. So even though we both decided not to go, I’m experiences some twinges of “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”

Jack and I have been fortunate to be able to take some pretty exceptional trips. Belize, New Zealand, China, South Africa to name a few. With no ‘we just have to visit’ places on our radar and with air transportation getting more difficult we decided to stay stateside when we made travel plans for 2009 and taking it a bit further going by road instead of air.

With these criteria we started researching and ended up taking January 2009 and 2010 in Arizona. We reasoned that with the not to hot, not to cold climate of Arizona in January it would be like snatching an additional month of spring. In addition, since it wouldn’t be remotely spring at home we wouldn’t come back to a bunch of neglected yard work.

In 2009 we chose Lake Havasu and loved it. If you don’t already know, Lake Havasu is where they moved the London Bridge. The town is small, traffic lights few and the folks exceptionally friendly. We lazed around, ate when we were hungry, no schedule type of life and loved it.

Both years we rented a condo for a month. Lk Havasu is a bit cheaper than Tucson and we had a two bedroom, two bath at less than the 1/1 in Tucson.

Having pretty much exhausted things to see and do around Lk Havasu, we decided on Tuscan for 2010. It should have been warmer or so we thought but it seems that this year they had an unusual amount of – – – you guessed it RAIN. But for some strange reason it seemed to rain at night and by around 9:00 a.m. it would clear up. And, temperatures in the low 70’s in January is my kind of weather. It didn’t take us long to settle right into the no schedule lifestyle of the year before.

So if you haven’t taken a month or more retreat and have the luxury of the time to do it, I’d strongly recommend a southern state in January. Who can’t use an extra month of spring?

written by Lavada Dee