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April Showers… and all that jazz

Jillian here! Happy April – We have already had a lot of flowers blooming here- Azaleas (see below) and Japanese magnolias are always early here- March-and then they are gone for a while- We have weird weather in the spring- some days it’s 80 and others it is 40. We always, always, always get a cold snap right before Easter- no planting veggie gardens until after Good Friday is the rule here because no matter when Easter falls, we will have a cold snap- or even frost- around Good Friday. This year was no exception. 🙂

The last two days, we’ve had the April showers in abundance – it has been as dark as night when it’s time to get up and that really messes me up as I think I have more time to sleep 🙂 Hobbes is even off kilter with his crepuscular behavior. He’s chillin’ in the photo- like the boss he is!

My day job that I do for the federal government requires that I am audited every 2-4 years and this week was that joyful occasion (NOT!) – I’m always confident that all the banking is good, but they always have some kind of findings on record-keeping (it’s a CPA thing- I know, as I am married to one) 🙂 It’s like being in school again and realizing there is a final exam that morning and not only haven’t I studied, I seem to have missed class all semester- 🙂 In other words, it causes me stress and angst.

The good news: It ended yesterday and the findings were very minor – and nothing I anticipated 🙂 Typical. Thus, the no chance to study fear. And I can breathe again for a few years. 🙂

Enjoy the April showers and await, with anticipation, the May flowers.

Feeling the Bus!

I’ve had an interesting time since the last time I popped in over here. It’s clearly been “Kick Jillian” month in the legal world. I have three big cases going on right now that I am more involved in some than others but they seem to all have people who want to deflect the fact that they have nothing to base their case on and put the spotlight on me and what I may have done that makes them unhappy.

When I was in law school, I had a professor say, “If the law is on your side, argue the law. If the facts are on y0ur side, argue the facts. If you have neither, pound on the table.”   We have definitely been having some table-pounding going on in my world.

In one of the cases, the other lawyer said such awful things about me that were completely untrue, I got in my car and drove three hours one way to court where I was initially going to appear by telephone. I felt I had no choice and needed to be eyeball to eyeball with the judge when I set the record straight. AND in fact, after pointing out that my integrity had been impugned,  I argued the law, not the emotion of my anger at being thrown under the bus and the court granted my motion other than one item she needed more information about.

So, just as I got over that incident, along came another, less slanderous issue.

After I handled that, one more blindsided me. I almost, almost didn’t read the pleading because the issue was between two other parties but I decided to give it a once-over and shock me! – the one lawyer used 8 pages out of 14 to trash me and yet again, I was thrown under the bus- AND this wasn’t even my issue.  Crazy world.  I responded to that as well and set the record straight yet again and the court ruled in a way that showed the other side had wasted their time attacking me.

So, I’ve staggered around this month getting kicked about but always getting back up.  I’m trying to avoid buses to be tossed under right now but thought maybe I should try to make friends with one that seems to be lucky and so I’ve shared this youtube link.

Happy April from a beat-up but not defeated Jillian. By the way, this is my 100th post over  here!  PARTY!!