Valerie J. Patterson

Valerie and her husband Steven make their home in a quaint part of Southwestern Pennsylvania where they both work and play, enjoying their life together. An avid reader, Valerie has had a passion for books since she was a child. It was while she was in the fourth grade that she decided she had the heart of a writer, and began pursuing that passion and chasing her dreams. When she’s not pounding out a story on her laptop while sitting on her back deck—which she calls her slice of Heaven—or while relaxing in the picturesque park near her home, Valerie’s either at work or traveling with Steve or spending fun time with her family.

Valerie is the grand prize winner of the LASR 2008 Writing Competition. She is also a grand prize winner of the Donard Publishing Writing Competition.

Valerie currently has several books on the market as well as multiple short story publications. Her titles include: Montana Reins—a contemporary western romance featuring a feisty horse trainer of the same name. The Lincoln Room—a paranormal thriller/suspense that was voted the 11th most popular e-release in the Preditors & Editors poll and voted Best Book of the Week by LASR readers. This book revolves around a series of murders that take place over the course of a century, and the ghosts of the victims who want them to stop once and for all. Gee-Whiz Meets S.H.A.F.T.—a spy thriller/comedy that centers on the surviving partner of the Gee-Whiz Detective Agency as he tries to solve his partner’s murder. Her Last—a crime/mystery that focuses on a tough homicide where evidence is hard to find. That Taste of Orange—a holiday romance. Honor Thy Neighbor—the first installment in the Myerson Mystery Series, which revolves around a wife and husband mystery solving duo. Her books can be found at Fictionwise or Amazon or directly from the publishers: Asylett Press, Eternal Press, and BookStrand.

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