1 Year Anniversary 

It’s been a year since I left Washington State for Arizona.  To say it’s been a busy one is an understatement.  Eons ago when I started school my parents made the decision to stay in the Olympia area and we did.  Of course, I’ve moved from across town to just a few miles away but always in the same general area.  In fact, my husband and I were in the same classes in first and second grade (they combined the classes as they were small).  Our oldest son had the same 6th grade teacher I had. 

The school was torn down and a Safeway is there now and has a memorial on the side wall with the old school.   We built a house about two blocks from it.  I included this tidbit of information to depict what a big thing it was to move out of state.  I didn’t realize how many things you have to do. Re-register the car, get a new drivers license, change health care providers.  Believe me, the list is long. 

When I sold the house in Washington, I put things in storage.  When we went home for Christmas, I arranged to have a moving company.  That is a story in itself. I gained experience that I hope to never use and ended up with only a portion moved.  Right now daughters are in Washington bringing a load down and finally closing the storage account.  

I really love the house though it’s bigger than I need. I’ve posted blogs with pictures so any of you who have read past blogs have seen pictures of the lake it sits on.   Since we moved down here the 1st of June, I have seen Arizona heat.  WOW! like today 

It’s been a 100 a few times already.  It makes me wonder how people lived here before a/c.  Can you imagine the cars without it?  So, there is a lot to take into account before you move across states.  For me following the kids took precedence over everything else.  And winter months weather is perfect. Picking tomatoes in February, flowers of some kind year-round.  This year I may even have blood oranges from a tree we planted a few months ago. 

Life is good and family is everything.  I can honestly count my blessings every morning when I wake up. 



5 responses to “1 Year Anniversary 

  1. I know you are thrilled to be near the “kids” again. I did wonder if, back before A/C’s, it was that hot in Arizona? Gobal warming and all. But I love how settled you are and how beautiful your place is.

  2. Thank you Laurie. It’s a great place if you learn how to manage the weather though that like you say has been changing. The Pacific NW can get to hot to be without a/c now and growing up we didn’t even think a/c

  3. Love this – “Life is good and family is everything. I can honestly count my blessings every morning when I wake up.”

  4. I’m glad you made that massive move to be near your family. You’re right. They are everything, for sure. It is hard to uproot and I can only imagine how it was for you living in the same area most of your life. Well done on making the new place your place and enjoying the moments. Jillian

  5. Thanks Jillian, I’m sort of glad I didn’t know how hard it was. These days it’s the physical aspect more than anything. This getting older and slowing down is like has been said, NOT FOR SISSIES.

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