Happy Spring Forward

I’m laughing at my subject line. I hate spring forward. It drives me crazy. If you live in a place you don’t have to change your clocks that’s great.

I missed a few months. Sorry about that. I didn’t have it on my schedule and when I don’t see it on my calendar it goes out of my head.

Not that there’s a lot going on. I’ve been writing and surviving the cool winter. We’ve had rain, but luckily not a lot of snow. My sister retired from her job at the beginning of February and she’s now enjoying retired life. Her kids threw her a retirement party which was lots of fun. I’m happy for her.

Tommy and Trina are their normal crazy selves. They had their check up with the vet and he’s worried they’re getting to heavy, so I’ve had to cut back on their dog food, but added carrots to their meals. They’re loving it and hopefully it will help them.

That’s really it. I feel like I lead a very boring life.

Of course here’s a picture of the pups from doggy day camp:


8 responses to “Happy Spring Forward

  1. Hello, puppies!!! Glad all is well. And I’m with you. I don’t like time changes.

  2. We don’t have time changes in Arizona. Since I’ve always lived in Washington until now this is different. The puppies look good. Well taken care of.

  3. Love seeing all the different expressions at doggie land- how fun!

  4. With you on the time changes. I hate them, especially when they go back an hour in winter. Why? We don’t need this practise nowadays. Love the puppies. As to leading a boring life? With writing and doggies what more does one need? And always enjoy your posts. Not boring!

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