If you travel, do you pick up souvenirs as you go? It used to be, when I traveled, I picked up something for each of the kids, then each of the grandkids, as well as cool stuff for our home, so that I’d have reminders of the wonderful trips we’ve taken.

Then our family exploded in size. We have 5 children (plus partners), 10 grandchildren, and are about to welcome our 3rd great-grandchild. I can’t leave enough empty room in my suitcase for that many gifts! As well, the bank account would take a significant hit. I love every single one of our family, but there came a point where no one got a “My grandparents went to [insert destination here] and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” gifts. Lol.

Nowadays, hubby and I are old enough that we’re more into downsizing than clutter. We still travel, and still shop, but buying something for the house has to be purposeful and meaningful. For instance, last year we remodeled our family room. Pictures ended up in different spots and we had a place where we needed to buy something to go there. So, while in Alaska on a cruise, we bought the art pictured below.

And, when we took a road trip to Mt. Rushmore, where I based my Earth Legacy dystopian fantasy series, I bought a coffee mug. It’s the perfect size and I use it 6 days out of every week, so it’s very useful.

I can see why destinations encourage younger people to visit. They haven’t yet filled their house with knickknacks like we have. While we’re not done traveling (I hope) we tend to leave our money in restaurants more than gift shops these days. Or spend it on experiences. Making memories is what it’s really all about, right?

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6 responses to “Souvenirs

  1. Yes making memories is what’s it all about. Digital photo’s have certainly improved capturing them. I am right there with you in downsizing but this recent move did bring a lot of what we collected to the forefront. I’m glad we have them but like you I’m sort of in the if I can’t wear it or eat it I pass. Well most of the time.

    I love the Alaska wall hanging and the mug would be a no brainer for me. Everyone need a go-to mug for sure.

  2. I agree completely about everything. 🙂 And you did quite a bit of downsizing over the last couple moves, I think.

  3. “Making memories is what it’s really all about, right?” – Indeed!

  4. Exactly! Enjoy life and make memories. 🙂

  5. Oh gosh, yes. Souvenirs for family that did not come on holiday with me, especially for the grandkids. Glad we stopped that years ago. And I have a stack of teatowels from various places others have been to. I put a stop to them too. However, I do like to treat myself to a little memento of the places I’ve been – the fancy cocktail sticks that come in my farewell drink on the last day, or a small piece of ceramic, ie sangria jug, wall plate, olive dish, and a few photos, but it is the memories I make that I treasure most.

  6. Totally agree about the souvenirs. I buy one thing pretty much that represents the trip– lots of time it’s a Christmas ornament. I too need to downsize and have been trying to do it. Asking family to give me something I can eat or use up for holidays instead of “stuff” — love the art and the mug.

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