Super Bowl Arizona

My son’s place is close to where the super bowl was this year. We could see the aerial show from their backyard.   It made it even better with Char and Kennedy (granddaughter and great granddaughter) visiting from Washington state.  

     Kennedy love it all. The weather, the pool, the show, everything Arizona and of course we loved having her.  Here are some pictures taken from the backyard.

Fly Over

Of course, Arizona’s Mother Nature had to do an encore two night later. Char captured it on the phone from  my patio around 9 o’clock. I was amazed at how it was like daylight just before the lightening. 

We have certainly had a variety of weather here but our lows are in the high 50’s so no snow added to mix of rain and wind.   Enjoy another month of winter when a good book and comfy sofa beckons. 


11 responses to “Super Bowl Arizona

  1. Wow, that was some storm! And how fun to see all the celebrating for the Superbowl. Though I bet you all didn’t drive around much that day with all the extra traffic, eh? So glad your family got a fun vacation to enjoy!

  2. It was a fun time but not long enough. A lot for them to see the next time they are here. Hard to imagine being in the pool in February. Kennedy loved it.

  3. How wonderful to have your family visit you. And the pool photograph is priceless!

  4. That’s cool that you could see the Super bowl sky show. And I want that dragon float. So cute. Great pics. Jillian

  5. That was certainly a great view you had there, Lavada. And Mother Nature’s display made me feel right at home 🙂 All that rain 🙂 But like Jillian, I love a great thunderstorm!

  6. That was some view, Lavada, fireworks and the storm. Loving watching thunderstorms. Guess Kennedy was in her element and did not want to go home!

  7. She didn’t. She talked to her grandmother the other day and told her she was ready to come back.

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