Time for Boating in Peoria

Here in the valley of Arizona it’s boating time.  When we bought the house in August it was too hot to take the boat out. You rarely saw anyone on the lake. But now even with temperatures at about 10 degree’s colder then average the boats are out and about. 

Only electric motors are allowed on this lake.  Pontoon boats are popular. We’ve never had one and find we like the quiet slow ride. Nothing like the inboard we used for skying so many years ago.   Harley went with us on the first ride and Gracie on the 2nd.  I think Harley will become a boat dog given half a chance. 

Seeing the homes from the lake side is fun and people are friendly. The yards are beautiful many of them with orange trees laden with fruit. I can see where we will be enjoying more rides as things start slowing down from the move.  Char and Kennedy (Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter ) will be here for a week next month. Not long enough as it will be her first trip down.  She’s ready to take the boat out.  Maybe Kennedy might even get in some fishing.  


7 responses to “Time for Boating in Peoria

  1. Harley looks so sweet and these photos are great captures. Thanks for sharing your experiences of the lake !

  2. Enjoy your special time on the lake!

  3. You are loving life in the warm, but not too warm, winter. I’m happy for you. You’re place, the lake, and that boat look ideal!

  4. Great photos, Lavada, and so pleased you are enjoying your life there.

  5. What fun! And the pups love it too. that’s awesome. Great pictures– Jillian

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