January Hijack by Hobbes

Hobbes here. Jillian is a bit stressed over a litany of things happening in her life so I told her I’d take over her post this month—actually, I hijacked it. 😀 I know I haven’t helped her out much lately other than to sit on her head in the mornings to wake her up, knock things off the table for her to pick up and constantly assist her in exercising by having her get up and down to open the door to let me out on the porch or back into the house. I’m pretty helpful that way. 

We’re in a new year now but man, did we have some adventure—well, I did—in December. 

It started the month the Sunday after that weekend they call Thanksgiving when the humans brought in the tree. I love, love the tree. I don’t know why they don’t leave it up all the time. They put this brown blanket under it and I love snoozing under the limbs with the scent of pine— or whatever that tree is—in my nose. Maybe a fir? Doesn’t matter. I love it. I never mess with the pretty baubles on it. I’m dignified like that. 

Wrapping boxes is another thing Jillian does while that tree is up. Don’t know why. It’s kind of a weird habit. She hides them under the tree like she thinks no one will see them there. She also gets a bit peeved at me while I help. I mean, she needs that tape and the scissors batted to the floor, right? And the pen she uses to write on sticky little sheets of paper is just so tempting. It rolls quite nicely. Biting the paper and sitting on it to cut it for her is also fun but she fusses at me to get off of it. Testy woman. 

The biggest adventure of the month was this small human coming to visit with his parents. He squealed every time he saw me and chased me. Little terror, he is. I tell ya. I’d get the nerve to venture out of hiding and, as soon as he spied me, he was after me. Crazy little human. He also couldn’t say Hobbes so he called me Bob. Bob? Oh the indignity. 

They stayed for what seemed forever but Jillian said was only seven days. God created the world in seven days but I bet his seven were more peaceful than mine even with all the work he was doing. 

Anyway, they eventually went home and I was able to enjoy free rein in the house again without living in fear of a tiny human chasing me and yelling, “Bob.”

Life is sort of back to normal now. They just took my tree outside after Epiphany so, I’m sad about that and about the brown blanket being back in that cabinet at the end of the hallway. 

Here’s a picture of me hiding on Jillian’s bed on my favorite blanket, with the door closed, so the Bob fanatic would leave me alone. 

Happy New Year to all. Hobbes


12 responses to “January Hijack by Hobbes

  1. Ahh, Bob, I mean Hobbes. (Just kidding. You know I know your name and that I love you!) You had a rough December. I’m glad you are back to curling up wherever you want to and asking Jillian to let you out, even if you just came in ten minutes prior. Keep on living the good life. December is only one month. You get the other eleven exactly how you want them. Lol.

    • Thanks Laurie. I know you love me and know my name- Jillian has called me Bob a few times too-  I give her a little nip when she does.  And yes, I am glad for my kid-free months.  He’s cute, but he’s a wild man.  

  2. Awww Hobbes I loved seeing your post. It’s been awhile. And, oh my how handsome you look curled up on the bed. Plus you have really grown. Those little guys can keep you on your toes for sure. Don’t be a stranger I love your posts.

    • Yeah, I’ve grown. I am addicted to snacks! They are like my drug of choice. 🙂 Thanks for missing me and for loving my post. I love to get the chance to take over from Jillian when she least expects it.

  3. Oh, so sweet and cute Hobbes!

  4. ROFL! Poor Bob…er, Hobbes. Sounds like a crazy month! 😂

  5. Great going on getting your human to exercise with the constant opening of the door to let you in and out, Hobbes. Works every time, eh? Life with the small human around sounds pretty rough and the indignity of getting your name wrong *shivers*
    Anyway, stay chill Hobbes and enjoy the peace and quiet.
    High five from Vivvy

    • Thanks Vivvy. I am sure you can relate to the small humans being stressful. And way to go on exercising your human, too. Long walks are good for her. Hobbes

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