I Finally Found It!

So this is December, another year almost over and we have had snow. Not a lot, at least not where I live, just a dusting of the powdery stuff but enough to look pretty. But boy, it has been cold with freezing temperatures all week. I hate winter but keep telling myself this coming Tuesday marks the winter solstice, heralding the slow movement of daylight hours becoming longer, nights that little bit shorter. Yay!

The month started with my art group’s afternoon Christmas party, with plenty of food contributed by attendees, lots of carols sung and entertainment from our “tea boy”, an excellent folk singer, followed by our annual quiz with questions centred around art. The team I was in came 2nd. No prizes, but a lot of laughs. Our raffle raised £190, which we donated to a local church charity to help those less fortunate in the community. My ticket was the first to be pulled out of the basket with 1st choice of all the lovely gifts donated, so many that everyone who purchased a ticket received something. Then it was Secret Santa Card time, something we do every year.

Prior to the party, we each make and paint an unsigned Christmas card, simple or fancy, the idea being a way to get to know each everyone. There are so many of us within the group, some coming to afternoon sessions, some the evening, many of us do not know each other, especially new members. Once the cards are distributed, they are opened, with each trying to guess who our card is from. The artist will hunt out their effort and introduce themselves to the recipient. This provided the first of two incidences that weekend which I class as coincidences.

My effort

Gill’s bauble

I painted a red Christmas bauble for my card. The one I received was also of a Christmas bauble. I had no idea who from. The painter, Gill, one of my regulars attending my teaching sessions, sought me out. After I strolled around the room looking to see who had received mine! Lo and behold, Gill was its recipient. I don’t know what the odds are for that out of 60 cards, but we certainly had a laugh over it. The next coincidence happened that same evening.

For over 10+ years I have been hunting down the title of a piece of music I like. It’s one that reminds me of summer, hot lazy days on the beach, soothing sounds of the sea and pure relaxation. Only having heard it played rarely on the radio or snippets ever rarer as incidental music on TV programmes, over the years I’ve asked countless people but no one could help, the only offering being a song called “The River”, which has lyrics; mine does not. That night, an advert for a brand of chocolate biscuits came on TV playing a short burst of the elusive piece in the background. I grabbed my phone, hoping my music recognition app could tell me. Alas, the snippet was too short for any success.

The next afternoon, the advert, came on again. This time I rewound it, turned up the volume, and tried the app again. After several attempts rewinding and replaying, I finally had my answer! It’s called “Slip Into Something Comfortable” by Kinobe. As we do every Saturday evening with little watchable on TV, Dave put Spotify on through the new (and working) TV, usually it’s George Michael, the Eagles, Eric Clapton, that sort of thing. For a change, he set Spotify randomly play “Chill Out” music. Guess what came on! The very piece I had been searching for all that time. I couldn’t believe the coincidence of it. Dave decided he liked the music and downloaded it to his favourite playlist. I’ve added a link to it in case you would like to hear it. You might even know it already!


As this is my last post this year, I want to thank all of you for your friendship, readership, and support, something I value immensely. I wish you all a very Mery Christmas and hope all your dreams come true and success your way in 2023.


5 responses to “I Finally Found It!

  1. That music is very calming. I really enjoyed listening to it and I’m glad you found it. And had a wonderful time at your holiday event. Merry Christmas to you and yours! And a safe and peaceful New Year!

  2. Keep celebrating and enjoying music – good for the soul!

  3. I agree, celebrating and enjoying music is good for the soul. It’s been a wonderful year here at Over The Backyard fence. Thank you for the music link. I loved it.

  4. A secret santa card? What a great idea! And talk about coincidences. Sounds like you had a great time at your Christmas party, a worthy end to a very productive year by your group.

  5. What a fun day that sounds like! and I love the cards. Sounds like you have a great group of artists. Glad you had a lovely time. Jillian

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