November 2022

I went out to take some picture of the tomato’s a few days ago and snapped a picture of the boat. Since we bought the house in August when it was in the 3-digit temperatures, we didn’t take it out. Now it is perfect spring like weather, and we see boats out a lot. 

I’ve been here 5 months now and I am starting to acclimatize. Weather for sure is different from the Pacific NW. And, things you do in ‘seasons’ is a lot different. Winter is the time to get outside. My tomatoes and basil like November. There is even a volunteer tomato plant growing like a weed.  

Maybe I should string Christmas light over them.  🙂 

With Christmas coming, Kris and I are going back north. The grandkids are there so we wouldn’t be happy here without them. Plus, I’ve arranged to have the things in storage moved down here. Kris and I will coordinate the pickup in Washington and Rick/Lin will cover the Arizona end. It will be a busy December for sure. 

Wishing all of you US folks a Happy Thanksgiving this week. Oh, and if you venture OUT for black friday shopping, have a good one. I’ve only done it once and that was enough until this online shopping came into play. 

PS: Just as I started to post this blog Lin sent a picture of Harley’s first professional grooming. OMG I love this puppy


7 responses to “November 2022

  1. You HAVE to post a pic if you put Christmas lights over your tomato plant. Lol. And Harley is looking absolutely adorable! Enjoy that temperate weather while you can. It’s about to start raining here.

  2. Every time I look at those tomatoes I think “November?”

    Harley likes her new look.

  3. Lucky you to have vine fresh tomatoes in your garden this time of the year! Enjoy your holiday celebrations with your family!

  4. Oh, I’d really love to see Christmas lights on your tomato plant 🙂 And Harley is so adorable. Look at that face!

  5. Love all the photos. The tomatoes look lovely! And such a cute Harley!!! Jillian

  6. Lovely photos and Harley is gorgeous. Enjoy the tomatoes. Homegrown ones are the best!

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