Winter draws ever nearer here in the UK and the exceptionally mild weather we have enjoyed slowly creeps down the thermometer to normal temps for November. Five days ago, the back garden was bathed in warm sunshine. We took advantage to be out there tidying, weeding, putting pots to bed, mowing the lawn and pruning a few shrubs. This was followed by mid-morning coffee enjoyed on the patio – a first in November for us. Today, the difference is apparent. The sun has reached a low in the sky meaning the back garden is now in permenant shade until next March. I try to keep smiling and keep busy. It is the only way I can cope as I hate winter and the cold.

And busy is what this past month has been as with no excuse to spend time outside, I keep writing. Writing, writing, writing for NaNo (I’ve decided to call this month Nanovember!) a 10-week writing comp, and other items including blogs, reviews and next week an article for my art group’s website. And, of course, painting, with my latest effort framed and hanging on the wall at my art group’s venue. I am pleased with it and have begun a larger version, although at present that is not going well and I will have to start again. As long as it is ready for next year’s exhibition, I am in no rush. Called “Clifton Autumn” it is of the famous Bristol landmark Clifton Suspension Bridge.

It is also the time of year when things have a habit of going wrong for us. Two weeks ago, our new large-screen TV broke down yet again, the second time in less than twelve months. As you can imagine, Dave was not happy. It was taken away to be repaired a week ago on the promise they will give it priority. We are still awaiting its return. I would rather the supplier replace it, Dave wants to give it a second chance. As he is the one who watches it most, he is a huge sports fan especially cricket and rugby, it is his decision. Meanwhile the bedroom TV, small screen, half the size of the other, is assigned to the lounge so we are not without. Unless we hear today, I feel a rather irate phone call will take place.

Yesterday evening Dave was in a rare mood to go non-food shopping, which we did. Among other items, we purchased a set of 3 stoneware casserole dishes of different sizes. Not cheap but needed in order I can stock the freezer with ready-cooked meals for over the Christmas holiday as I have taken to bulk cooking with my Instant Pot, which I love. Back home, I took the packaging off to find the largest dish had a long crack along the bottom which was not apparent when we took it off the shelf. This morning, Dave is back at the mall to get a refund.

We are waiting for the next thing to happen. It always comes in threes for us. My money is on the heating boiler, his on the tumble dryer or washing machine breaking down. I hope it is none of these but all three are getting on in years, a bit like the two of us!

Did I mention Christmas? Yes, it is all around us already. Shops full of festive food and Christmas ornaments. Television advertisements full on. And near to us, a house has its outside decorations up and lit at night already. And why not. It brings delight and cheer to the people to see, it is something to look forward to in the dark and dreary days. My mother has said she wants to come to us for the holiday. We would love this as she has not been here for 2 years but I fear our stairs will be too much for her. Dave has said if she comes, he will buy a Santa outfit to wear when we go and collect her. She would love that.

Meanwhile, I wait with bated breath for the carols to start, and whilst waiting, I must get on and paint this year’s Christmas card. I hope I haven’t left it too late to get it to the printers in time. Wish me luck.

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10 responses to “Nanovember

  1. I love your new painting. The fall colors in it are beautiful. Let’s hope the troubles will only be in two’s this time.

    • Nope, third trouble reared its head. Window catch on our bedroom window has broken and we cannot open it. Trying to get hold of window installer as these were only put installed in January. TV beyond repair. Store offered us a replacement 66″ TV but far too big to fit in our lounge so they offered us a full refund. Went out Friday and purchased a new TV and got a Black Friday deal so we can now treat ourselves to something else as well, possible a new oven. Pleased you liked the painting. It turned out good.

  2. Indeed, a lovely painting! Each season carries special delights – enjoy!

  3. That painting is beautiful. And you HAVE to show us a pic of Dave dressed up as Santa. 🙂 Our neighbors are alit with holiday spirit, which I’m not a huge fan of before our Thanksgiving, but honestly, whatever makes people happy, eh?

  4. awww I hope your mom comes and Dave does the Santa suit. How fun!! I hope you have your television back now since it’s the 21st. Love the painting. It’s very fall-ish. Hope that 3rd breakdown hasn’t happened!! Enjoy the Christmas decor. We put ours up the Sunday after Thanksgiving so hopefully, we will do so on the 27th of Nov- Outside may have to wait since the man is still working on that bathroom. LOL! Jillian

    • TV unrepairable but store has given us a full refund and we now have a new TV on order. We won’t put up any decorations unless Mum decides to come, which is doubtful but we are hoping. Dave isn’t one for Christmas but always makes an effort for Mum. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. 🙂

  5. I so love the picture of the Suspension Bridge. You never cease to amaze me at your willingness to tackle new subjects, and you always pull off something really excellent!
    Yes, we’ll need photos of Dave as Santa.
    And glad to hear he has his TV back ready for all the sport – although I’m surprised they didn’t give you a TV while yours was in for repair. But I suppose old fashioned service sadly doesn’t exist anymore.

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