Cold November

Sorry I missed last month. I had a lot going on and the date slipped right past me.

I’ve had a lot of stuff going on around the house, mainly getting the yard ready for winter. I had new bark put in and I’ve been trying to convince the pups not to eat the bark. I don’t know why they keep trying but they do. I’ve also been busy writing and preparing for a writing conference.

The writing conference was in Houston Texas the beginning of November. The conference was good, but my body wasn’t happy with all the plane travel. The fun thing was having the World Series (baseball for those who don’t know) in Houston. When the Houston Astros won Saturday night the city went a little crazy. We were expecting it, but honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.

I’m still playing catch up not only on sleep but being gone for almost a week. Tommy and Trina went to boarding and day camp all day. They had a blast, but they too are playing catch up on their sleep. They are such little troopers.

In Houston it was in the upper 70’s to low 80s, and I come home to Seattle and it’s in the 30’s to 40’s. I wasn’t quite prepared for the cold this year, but it’s here for a while. Luckily no lowland snow, yet. The mountains got quite a bit which is nice.

Now that the conference is over I can get back into a better routine. While November is NaNo – I’m not participating this year. I was planning on it, but the conference wiped me out and I know what I need to do this month.

US Thanksgiving is this month, no one in the family is sure about what we’re doing yet, so it’s going to be a toss up on what we do.

I hope everyone has a wonderful month.

Of course I can’t leave without a picture of the pups. This was taken at PetSmart where I board them while I was gone:

Don’t they look adorable? I really missed them while I was gone.


14 responses to “Cold November

  1. Ahhh, hello puppies. You were so good while your Mama was away. I’m glad you got to the conference, Marie, and sad that it was rough on you. I guess we all have to get our bodies and minds used to this stuff again, eh? That being said, I now get some crowd anxiety so not sure I’d be as brave as you were. I love that you were part of the celebration for the Houston Astros, even if they did beat the Phillies. Lol.

  2. Keep celebrating and enjoying your wonderful life! Hugs to the cute dogs too!

  3. Glad your home. Be kind to yourself this month. Follow the puppies example and get caught up on ‘me’ time.

  4. Hope you are recovering from a hectic time. Don’t think I could handle a large throng of people yet. Take things easy and refresh the batteries. Hugs to the pups, I expect they were more than glad mum’s home!

  5. Oh, your babies must have been so glad to see you. Hope you’re settled back home now and recovery from the hectic time.

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