To Everything, There is a Season…

I have always been more of a cooler weather person than a heat of summer person. I have good friends living in Arizona and listening to them, the possibility of becoming a “snow-birder” in winter is very enticing. Honestly, though, I think I’d miss the Pacific Northwest weather. We get a touch of all the seasons. Lots of color in fall and spring, a bit of snow in winter, and abundant sunshine in the summer. I like those changes. In fact, maybe for me, it’s more about the change than the season. I don’t ever want to stagnate, so I need occasional change in my life to make me feel like I’m moving forward.

As I type this, it’s overcast. Rain is coming in later. And it rained yesterday. I went for a walk in it and loved it. Granted, I no longer splash in puddles. I walk around them these days. But it’s rejuvenating to smell the rain and hear it fall.

And winter? I love hibernating. Honestly, I could sit at the ocean and storm watch, never getting a thing done, and be completely happy with my life. Hmmm. So much for not stagnating? Lol.

What season is your favorite? Whichever one is, I hope you get to embrace them all, because nature rocks!

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12 responses to “To Everything, There is a Season…

  1. I’ve lived all of my life, until recently, in the Pacific NW and love it. Occasionally, when rain carried on for weeks without a sunshine break it would get to me but otherwise, like you, I liked the season changing. And, I’m not good with HOT weather. Thank heavens for A/C.

    Living in one place for so many years I have noticed a weather change.

    My favorite season or season are spring and fall. Right now in Arizona it is spring like weather and I am loving it. I have a tomato plant with little green tomatoes on it.

  2. Next time it rains, and you are out walking you must splash in a puddle and bring out your inner child! I live in north central Texas, and we have all four seasons – life is good!

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    Do you have a favorite season? Check out mine.

  4. I am a spring and summer person but this has to be the first time I am enjoying Fall. The reason being it is unusually mild here though plenty of rain. I detest winter, as I hate the cold. I keep telling myself the shortest day is only 8 weeks away and spring is on its way. Love the photos, Laurie.

  5. Lovely! I like a change of seasons as well. I mostly have to travel to see those, though. A combination of two things I like. Travel and seasons. What’s not to love. Enjoy the fall and then the snuggle season on its way! Jillian

  6. I’m a summer person, but more like spring now since the ridiculously high temperatures here in the UK last summer were so hard to cope with. Don’t think I’ll ever like autumn or winter though.
    I admit to liking splashing in puddles, so would encourage you to get back to doing that, Laurie. Such fun!

    • And there’s proof (in your own blog) that you like to kick up leaves in the fall. Lol a bunch. That’s the great thing about humanity. We can all like different things. And hopefully, still get along. At least, that’s my regular prayer!

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