It’s spooky time…

Don’t you just love Halloween? No? Me either, well at least I didn’t used to, but lately I’ve gotten more and more into the spirit (pardon the pun) of it. I think it started a few years ago when I dressed Vivvy for her puppy Halloween party at doggie training. It was lovely taking her for walkies dressed in her little witchy hat and cape, and getting the reaction of the kiddies who were doing their trick or treat fun. One little lad caught up with me in the local field yesterday and asked if Vivvy would be dressing up again this year, so it looks like I’ll be heading out to the shop to get her a new costume 🙂 We have a Spooky Evening Walk here in the village on Monday night where lots of houses are decorated. It’s fun, and Vivvy loves it, mostly because she gets loads of attention, and treats!

What I really love about Halloween though, aside from eating all the leftover chocolate/sweeties after trick or treat, is watching the scary movies on TV. This year so far I’ve watched Interview with the Vampire (can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this in the past), Dracula, The Midnight Club, What Lies Beneath, and 28 Days Haunted. The shows I love most though are the ones that are those ‘reality’ types they do just for Halloween, where celebs get to stay at a ‘haunted’ house/mansion/castle for a few nights. I especially like the ones where there is audience participation and you can comment via email/YouTube about anything paranormal you think you’ve witnessed on screen. Yes, I know they’re mostly a set up and purely for entertainment purposes, but it’s just fun getting scared in a safe environment, LOL.

How about you? Are you a Halloween fan? Like scary movies?


10 responses to “It’s spooky time…

  1. Oh, gosh, you and Jillian Chantal. I have been bemoaning the season for a couple weeks now. All my regular shows go gory. Not my favorite. Though I have been known to get into the “spirit” sometimes. And I love handing out candy and seeing the costumes kids wear on Halloween night. And I do have to say, Miss Vivvy looks adorable. (Shhh. Don’t tell Jillian I might actually enjoy some of this holiday.) Lol.

  2. If I had Vivvy I would get into it. We’ve never been where their were trick or treaters. Not sure about this year yet but I will be prepared.

    Kris and I did send Kennedy a Squishmallow pumpkin via Prime. We thought it would be better than candy.

  3. I love Halloween. I like the cute stuff and I like the spooky stuff. Not a fan of gore, though. More like suspenseful. And Ghost tales. I have not seen the 28 days haunted. And that castle, etc with interactive stuff sounds like something I would love! Jillian

  4. We are not Halloween people but I love seeing people and children getting into the spirit of it. Vivvy looks so cute in her hat and cape. As to the gory and spooky horror films, they get a wide berth from me. 😱

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