October Round-Up

Mid October, and here in the UK autumnal colours are filling the trees, hedgerows and gardens, a distinct chill in the air although the days are often sunny and out of the wind, mild. But I do miss the summer heat. Whilst we enjoyed the high temperatures, the garden suffered. Our vegetables were a disaster except, surprisingly, our potato crop and most flowers in the front beds perished due to lack of water. Dave pulled out the majority of them, leaving only the dahlias in-situ even though they were failing too. What a difference to them now. Thanks to plenty of rain showers and cooler weather, they have come into their own and look lovely.

You might notice in the background of the photo in front of the wheelbarrow a flush of yellow that should not be there. These are wallflowers that should not be blooming until next March/April. For some unknown reason they are in flower now and thus too late to move into their proper position around the drive. Hey ho, win some, lose some. Good job we have a plan B.

We kept the pots and baskets watered as well as we could, and by using grey water on the rear garden, but they all struggled to thrive despite all loving the sun and warmth. To our joy, most have only recently come into full flush, as are many things in the back, thanks to the rain. I still even have honeysuckle, clematis and a climbing fuschia in bloom. The Californian poppy by the bird-bath, a survivor from last year, has been in flower since May and is still going strong. We are just hoping the first frosts keep away as long as possible. Oh, the wonders and vagaries of Mother Nature.

And what of our pond? Last week, we called in a waste contractor to remove the remaining rubble as was too much for Dave to clear on his own. Glad we did, the work was done within an hour. Now we can order in the topsoil and, fingers crossed, have a lovely flowerbed by next spring. What we can plant here is limited as this area is in full shade most of the day, one of the reasons why the koi pond was placed here. The first thing I shall be planting is bluebells – you know how much I love them!

The past month saw me running another acrylic art workshop. A small group this time which worked better because I was able to give them much more individual attention. At the end of the day it was lovely to see finished paintings, and each one different. I do not like seeing a group of virtually identical artwork all the same as mine; I encourage individuality. They obviously love it and already champing at the bit for another workshop. That won’t be until early next year, giving me plenty of time to work on what to do, and get my book finished! Yes, I’m still working on it, having made a few changes to the ending.

Talking of painting, you are honoured to be the first to see my newly completed piece. Called simply “Yport”, it was inspired by a collection of photos taken in Yport, France by a friend who is a brilliant photographer who gives me free reign to use any of her pictures. I would be lost for ideas without her work.

Enjoy your month whatever and wherever you may be.

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10 responses to “October Round-Up

  1. “Yport” is beautiful – thank you for sharing. I like the idea of an acrylic art workshop – it sounds like so much fun and those end results are impressive.

  2. Your garden is sooo beautiful. Wow. You can tell a lot of love goes into it’s care and maintenance. Mark has been saying all summer it’s a weird growing season. His veggies struggled, but the watermelon grew big! And that painting, Kit. Wow. Makes me want to vacation on the French shores. It’s beautiful!

    • We are both surprised how well a lot of the plants are doing at the moment and there’s always next year. First year for many that we’ve had to buy onions though! I’ve never been to France, but there’s still time. 🙂

  3. As usual your garden is beautiful. It may have struggled with the hot weather but it certainly bounced back for a grand final to 2022.

    And, I love the diversity of the paintings. A talented group. You’ve found another nitch in sharing your through teaching. The Yport painting is another beautiful work.

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  5. First, I love your new work of the French scenery. Second, wow! Beautiful flowers and man, I do love the yellow ones. So pretty even if they are super early for 2023 or very late for 2022. Minds of their own, it seems. And good that you got the rubbish hauled off and he didn’t try to do that himself. No need in hurting oneself, right? LOL. Enjoy your fall season! Jillian

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