Remodel Project

Jillian here- Happy October. Bet you thought I’d do a post about my love for Halloween, didn’t you? Well, not today! LOL!

Last year, the hubs and I agreed to no Christmas presents for us since we don’t need “stuff” and, instead, we would remodel our small bathroom. Weirdly, in our house, the master bath only has one of those big sunken tubs with water jets and no shower so we have always taken our showers in the bathroom at the far end of the house. There is another bath that the boys use but we have always used this third one for ourselves for showers. It’s also one of the two rooms–the other is the laundry room–that we have never changed the flooring in (and we have owned this house since Oct, 2000). It’s an awful color, but when I suggested it was past time to tile it, Mr. C said he’d rather do the whole bathroom over. So, that was supposed to be our Christmas present to ourselves. Yes, 10 months ago…

Life took a turn with a cancer diagnosis for Mr. C in February and, as he planned to do the work himself, it had to wait for the procedures and treatments to be done and for him to feel better. He was lucky that he didn’t get too sick, but he was tired all the time and didn’t feel like doing much–which is totally acceptable and understandable.

So, today, we start. He is cutting up the tub and removing it. Here are the “before” shots. And I know, it looks like I need to clean, but I have put it off since we have D-day today. Will do some “afters” when it’s done. Wish me luck as he gets to be a bear when he is laying tile-and he is doing the whole shower wall and floor–he’s a def. perfectionist!! Which is good for the final product, but not so good for his mood while it’s happening. 🙂


6 responses to “Remodel Project

  1. Oh, I’m sooo excited for you…for when it’s done. Not the process, but the finished product. Hubby about choked when I wanted tile in our remodeled bathroom. We hired it done and it cost a bit. Yikes. I can hardly wait to see the after pictures. AND again, major happies for hubby getting through all his treatment.

    • Thanks. I’m excited to see how it turns out. Hiring it done would be sensible and probably quicker, but not for my man. Lol. He likes doing that stuff. He has laid tile in the other two bathrooms as well as the screened in room. He also laid the wood floor in our living room. And also linoleum at my parents’ in their kitchen. He’s handy dandy. Lol. And I’m glad he’s feeling better too.


  2. Glad to hear your guy is feeling better. AND, I’m excited about your Christmas present to yourselves. At a certain time in a couples journey this really works. It did for Jack and I. It was the year, and now I’m really telling how long ago, that the video recorders were all the rage. Remember the big ones that sat on you shoulder and weight a ton. We had just sold our house and were renting a duplex with limited room. So what in world we buy each other? We decided to buy ourselves a video recorder. We enjoyed shopping even made a trip to Oregon.

    Of course we had grand kids so had to wrap it up for under the tree.

    Keep us posted on the progress Jillian it will be fun to share the fun with you.

    • LOL!  We did that too with the video recorder.  The big old honking one. We had one child at the time and we lugged that thing all over to take videos of him.  Love that you and Jack did the same thing.  The year before, we did out living room floor in wood for our joint Christmas gift.  It just makes sense the older you get that you don’t need a bunch of stuff–books, yes, but not stuff.  LOL!   I will keep everyone updated on the progress!

  3. So glad Mr C is okay. Your bathroom will be fabulous when finished and at least you have other bathrooms to us. We only have the one and was a nightmare when ours was last done, particularly as we had fitters in to do the whole thing but they did an excellent job. Dave and I rarely do Christmas presents to each other either and nowadays call in a man whenever we can to do jobs. We need to do our kitchen, been waiting 5 years to get going but we cannot agree on a full refit or just a make-over. Keep us posted with progress, am dying to see the outcome.

    • Thanks Kit. I am glad he’s okay too! LOL! And I will def keep you all up to date on the project. It’s slow going as he is doing it all himself–but that is the way he is wired. Hope you can get to your kitchen soon! That will be fin– except when it’s a mess. LOL

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