The Renovation is DONE!

In April, we started demolition on our old, paneled family room, intent on freshening it up with new carpeting and sheet-rock. But first, while we had a wall open, we had a chance to update the last of the old plumbing. Now, I know renovations don’t always go according to schedule. I get that. But complications with the plumbing delayed the family room we’d moved everything out of for over a month. Which meant our contractor went on to another job and had to squeeze us in a day here and a day there. Sigh.

So we didn’t move back into the family room until August. Four months later. And you know what?

WORTH IT! We are loving the “new” room and even managed to keep some of the clutter down when putting things back. A win-win.



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9 responses to “The Renovation is DONE!

  1. wow! It turned out so good. I love it. So light and fresh! and def worth the wait! Congrats and enjoy. Jillian

  2. I love the carpet and colors you chose. Looks so inviting

  3. What a transformation! Certainly worth the mess, muddle and delays. It looks relaxing, calm and modern. I love it.

  4. It’s gorgeous, Laurie. And Mark looks very comfortable on his sofa after all the hard work!

  5. He is comfortable, and happy to be back in his room!

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