New Home

We closed on the house today (Friday the 19th). All done and it was really a great experience.  Rick (son) had it 99.99% done before he left on a trip.  He did more than I could imagine, even down to compiling a list of utilities with phone numbers.  And we had a fantastic realtor that just happens to be Ricks neighbor. What a great way to get better acquainted.  In fact, when he brought the keys over this afternoon along with this beautiful orchid and gift cards he said “I hope you have as great of neighbors as we have.” 

It was late afternoon before we got the keys so  we will run over and take measurements in prep for furniture purchases tomorrow (Sat.)

The house, whoops home, is in Peoria in a small gated community.  It’s on a lake and came with a pontoon boat.  The house is a little different and I love it. I’m sending some pictures as they tell the houses story better than I can. These were taken for the sale and I’ll send more in future blogs as I furnish it.  It might take a while as a lot of things are in storage but I get to shop for a lot too, as it was better than moving everything down to Arizona. 

We still have things to get but we got a couch/chair/ottoman/ and small desk for the family room. Beds for two guest rooms and a desk for the office. They will be delivered Tuesday and now I am getting excited seeing go together. 


10 responses to “New Home

  1. Wow, that place looks spectacular. Congratulations, Lavada. We miss you here in the PNW, but thankfully, the internet keeps us connected, eh? Enjoy that shopping for furniture and don’t tire yourself out!

  2. Thanks Laurie, I love it more each time I see it.

  3. Fabulous!!! Send more pics !! So glad you’re happy!

  4. Wishing you many wonderful years of creating special memories in this lovely home!

  5. Gorgeous! what a lovely place to live- both inside and out. So nice. I love it and I know you will be making some super memories there. Jillian

  6. Am so pleased you are settled in your new home. It looks absolutely wonderful. A perfect place to relax and make new memories. Enjoy!

  7. Thanks for the well wishes. I’m still btween houses but am almost ready to settle in here. A lot of stuff in storage until December when I’ll be going back up to Washington and arranging for things to be moved down here. But this place is certainly livable. Just no pictures and ‘stuff’ I’m going try to minimize what I live with this time.

  8. Oh wow, your new home is fantastic, Lavada! Wishing you every happiness there! What a setting, too. Right on the lake. Enjoy!

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